Legal Employees

Legal employees are the heart of a law firm whether as an attorney, graduate in law and economics (Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist), clerk, research assistant or if only in a practical training program, Graf von Westphalen is always looking for qualified legal personnel.

Attorney at Graf von Westphalen

Being an attorney at Graf von Westphalen is a professional goal of many fully trained attorneys. This is proven by several hundred applications every year as well as hundreds of discussions about careers at trade fairs. The work has obviously made the rounds that working as an attorney with us is different from many other law firms.


Law clerks, research assistants, practical training

There is a saying that training begins early, and we would also like to add that getting to know each other early is very helpful. Many of our partners and attorneys today began with us as students doing practical training, research assistants or law clerks. Use the opportunity to get to know us even before you get into the profession, and then possibly we can work together successfully for many years.


Non-legal staff

The wheels would grind to a stop at GvW Graf von Westphalen without our non-legal staff because even the best attorneys cannot fulfill their responsibilities without dedicated and qualified assistants, IT administrators, librarians, accounting staff and marketing personnel.  We accordingly welcome people who are not jurists into our team!