GvW Graf von Westphalen reinforces its M&A practice with Titus Walek

Titus Walek has joined the M&A practice of the law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen as an equity partner. The new partner comes from the corporate and technology boutique Heymann & Partner and reinforces the Frankfurt office of GvW.

Hitachi Europe has developed a software tool (HETO – Hitachi Energy Trading Optimizer) operating on the basis of self-learning algorithms, with which public utilities and energy companies can commercially optimize their trading and operation of production plants. The application, realized as a cloud solution, evaluates market and other relevant data in real time and converts them into specific recommendations for trading action in a form tailored to the specific interests of the customer. If desired, these recommendations can be executed completely automatically in the spot market of the EEX.

GvW Graf von Westphalen generated revenue in the financial year 2017 of 42.2 million Euro and, thus, an increase in billings of 5.1 percent compared to the previous year. The profit had an even greater increase. The profit of 18.4 million Euro was 12.2 percent higher than in the previous year.

The law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen has bundled its expertise in the field of aviation in a new focus area. With our integrated team of lawyers with different specializations and fielded from different offices we aim to offer our clients customized advice and a resourceful network in the aviation field.