September 2019


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This GvW International Newsletter includes a summary of the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation since it came into force last year and going forward.

In this issue we also report on an important ECJ decision confirming the separate evaluation of customs duties and import VAT which should be of interest to economic operators.

We also comment below on another recent judgment of the ECJ which has consequences for the operators of websites featuring the Facebook "Like" button.

Finally, you will also find a report from our Istanbul office on the composition procedure under Turkish bankruptcy law   which has been brought back into use as a result of current economic circumstances and the fact that Turkish law no longer permits the postponement of bankruptcy proceedings.

We wish you an interesting read!

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Dr Gökce Uzar Schüller, Attorney, Frankfurt and Istanbul

Foreign Trade & Customs Law

Data Protection

Intellectual Property

From our Istanbul office

One year of data protection reform in Germany - experiences in dealing with the GDPR and a look into the future
Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has applied. After a good year, it is time for a résumé and an outlook on the future. Hardly any other law has brought about such major changes in companies in recent years. more
Revised composition procedure a new chapter in Turkish bankruptcy law
A new Law numbered 7101 in Turkey revised the composition procedure (similar to postponement of insolvency proceedings) and reactivated it after many years. The new Law is intended to remedy the consequences of market disruptions caused by the fact that companies were no longer able to reorganise themselves by suspending bankruptcy. more
FEDEX-Judgment: ECJ confirms separate evaluation of customs duties and import VAT
On 10 July 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered the judgment in Case C-26/18, FedEX v. HZA Frankfurt a.M. In its judgment, the European Court of Justice follows the Opinion of the Advocate General to a large extent and thus perpetuates its case law on the separate evaluation of import VAT and irregular customs debt. more
ECJ decision on Facebook "Like" buttons - need for action for companies?
According to a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision, an operator of a website who features the Facebook "Like" button can be liable if he has not sufficiently informed a website visitor about data protection. What consequences does this decision have for companies? more


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