BITKOM Privacy Conference 2015,
Berlin, 24. September 2015

BITKOM Privacy Conference 2015

Data has become a crucial resource for companies. This development poses new challenges for privacy issues in both businesses and society. The Privacy Conference brings together privacy experts with hands-on experience from various industries.

Speakers will showcase best practices and field-tested solutions for the latest privacy issues facing a wide range of businesses. How do we manage privacy in a globally connected economy? What must multinational corporations do to protect their data across the world?

Arnd Böken speaks about Critical masses: How to address privacy concerns regarding IoT and Big Data?

Big Data is raising the stakes for compliant protection across the world. The Privacy Conference offers you practical insights for your business and promotes the dialog between data protection authorities, business representatives and academia.

ist Rechtsanwalt und seit 2007 Partner in unserem Berliner Büro. Er ist Mitglied des Fokusbereichs Informationstechnologie und berät mittelständische und große Unternehmen auf Anbieter- und auf Kundenseite zum IT-Vertragsrecht, zu Outsourcing- und Cloud-Projekten sowie zu Datenschutzrecht und IT-Compliance.

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