JUVE Handbook 2018/2019

Recommendations/strengths: employment law, foreign trade, construction law, state aid, compliance, the energy industry, corporate law, real estate, information technology, food law, M&A, the law governing the press and free speech, projects/plant construction, environmental and planning law, public contracting, the traffic sector

Law firm: top 50 firm: "culture in the firm characterized by cooperation among practice areas and offices"; "The level of cooperation throughout the firm is no longer just theory at GvW Graf von Westphalen – contrary to many similar firms – and instead is lived every day"; "The well thought out growth in personnel and the push for cooperation has helped GvW get further recognition in the market"; "The well thought out growth in personnel and the push for cooperation has helped GvW get further recognition in the market "; GvW has demonstrated that it is "addressing the future topic of digitalization";

How well GvW understands finding its lateral hires on the basis of their professional qualifications has already been proven repeatedly in the past"; "clear lines in management"

Employment law: "The practice group has harvested the fruits of its restructuring last year: GvW has that on the right horse with special teams for the trend topics of data protection as well as bAV"

Foreign trade and customs: The "leading" law firm in foreign trade; GvW is the unchallenged number 1 in the ranking "lighthouse practice group" foreign trade law; "strengths: fully integrated practice with an emphasis on all areas of customs and foreign trade law"; "more strongly than its competitors, the law firm succeeds in covering the entire range of foreign trade law"; competitors praised GvW as the "go-to law firm for foreign trade law" where "clients are in good hands"; "clients regularly rely on the know-how in the team for special issues"; the practice group regularly provides comprehensive advice on foreign trade compliance, whereby its close linkage to other practice groups is a benefit"; recommended as the only GvW practice group under the general heading of compliance (foreign trade, export control, customs compliance); "the team increases to gain visibility in well-known international corporate groups"; "competitors involve the foreign trade experts at GvW in cross-border transactions for foreign trade due diligence as well as for special questions"

Construction law: 4 star valuation in construction law "lighthouse practice group" construction law; "traditionally strong in construction law"; "strengths: close cooperation among the teams from various offices in real estate, construction law and public law"; "the law firm is predestined for covering the demand in the market for development projects as a result of the close linkage between real estate law, construction law and public law"

State aid: "The fact that GvW has worked in recent years intensively on internally networking the practice groups is paying off in the growing importance of matters involving state aid"; "intensive advice about state aid for research and development"; "dynamic development in advising on infrastructure projects"; "strengths: infrastructure topics"

China Desk: "Convincing team in the Germany-China business"; "traditionally strong in the Germany-China business in which the own office in Shanghai also plays a major role"; "very successful China practice"; "the Germany-China business is already established and recognized in the market, and GvW has again proven its competence in several transactions"

Energy: "Focus of advice on contract law"; "deep knowledge about infrastructure projects"; "GvW is especially strong in the interface to energy law in the area of digitalization"; "the energy practice group increasingly expands beyond its niche"

Corporate law: "Restructurings, business succession and increasingly disputes under corporate law are at the center of the activities"; "a high degree of ongoing advice"; large amount of international business"; "GvW has recently also expanded the advice for members of corporate boards"; "increase in questions involving the law governing foundations, which also involves lawyers in the field of public law"; "the law firm can provide its core clients one-stop shopping"

Real estate law: "The practice group regularly acquires new clients in real estate law in which the firm provides advice in transactions and landlord-tenant law.  The firm is also expanding its assets competence"; "competence in the hotel sector"; "strong in real estate transactions"; "strengths: close cooperation among the teams from different offices in real estate, construction and public law"; "the law firm is predestined for covering the demand in the market for development projects as a result of the close linkage between real estate law, construction law and public law"

Insolvency and restructuring: "Well placed in the material involving liability and setting aside transactions"; "numerous well-known managing directors, also founders of insolvent companies rely on the competent defense by GvW when millions are involved"

Information technology: "Many governmental agencies as clients"; "extended workbench for a number of in-house departments"; "GvW demonstrates that it is working on the future topic of digitalization"; "GvW is especially strong in the area of digitalization at the interface to energy law"; "large experience in IT public contracting"

Food: "Advice in the industry with corresponding, broad coverage"; "competence in IT law"

M&A: "Strengths: mid-size transactions often with an international connection. Own office in Shanghai"; "M&A practice of the mid-size firm is continuing its successful development from the previous years which is especially directed towards increasing internationalization of the practice"; "the Germany-China business, in which GvW has again shown its competence in several transactions, is already established and recognized in the market"; "the activity of the practice is growing in the relationship between Germany and Great Britain"

The press and free speech: "Intimate knowledge of the industry"; "experience with investigative reporting"

Development projects and construction of plants: "Intimate knowledge of the industry"; "high number of mandates in this field"; "many acquisitions involving plant construction"

Environmental and planning law: "Strengths: infrastructure projects, above all in road construction"; "the law firm continues to expand its advice in the area of large infrastructure projects for roads and aviation"; "especially a dynamic development most recently in advice in the aviation sector"; "issues involving planning law in the course of urban development projects provides a continuous volume for basic services"; "close connection to the own real estate and construction law attorneys in the firm"; "good contact to various public agencies"

Public contracting: "Great experience in the areas of IT and healthcare"; "the public contracting practice has a high level of experience in IT public contracting"; "several university clinics rely on GvW"; "strengths: good cooperation between the practice groups"; "GvW demonstrates excellent work for the client with the approach of increasing internal cooperation among the legal disciplines"

Traffic sector: "The law firm focuses in the traffic sector primarily on advice on construction and planning law for infrastructure projects"; "strengths: infrastructure projects, above all in road construction"; "the law firm continues to expand its advice in the case of large infrastructure projects in the areas of roads and aviation"; "the advice in the aviation sector has recently had a particularly dynamic development"; "good contact to various public agencies"

Distribution law: "The Hamburg team is especially visible"; "comprehensive advice especially on commercial agents, distributors and insurance distribution law"; "has advised well-known insurance companies for many years.  The know-how is also regularly of use in the law firm's M&A deals"; "numerous companies in the caravan industry rely on the team"; "increase in companies from foreign countries"; "increasingly active in international arbitration"


The Legal 500 Germany 2019

Foreign Trade Law: GvW is recommended as a top tier firm

State Aid and Subsidies: "Advises both agencies that grant state aid as well as recipients of state aid in legal aspects of state aid is especially active in related litigation"; "Active in the areas of research, real estate, infrastructure and increasingly also in the aviation sector"

Construction Law: "The emphasis on advice during the course of projects and representation of clients in disputed matters"; "Special expertise at the interface with public contracting law"

Data Protection: "Considered by clients to be an "ideal firm for mid-size industry"; "Very good knowledge about data protection topics"; "Very competent team"; "Excellent understanding of economic situations"; "The practice regularly acts as the external data protection officer and provides advice on data protection at the interface with IT security, compliance and classic IT law"

Commercial Law and Law on Distribution Systems: "Well developed team"; "Broad range of advice"; "Well known for advice on insurance distribution law"; "Regularly mandated by well-known insurance companies in disputes"

Real Estate Law: "Excellent and very well informed real estate law practice"; "Increasingly represents family offices and individual investors in transactions and development projects"; "A special strength lies in the area of asset class hotels and leisure"

IT: "The competence and understanding of the own practice raises the firm above others"; "Very good knowledge about the IT industry"; "Covers a broad range of topics: from IT to AI and the field of digitalization"; "Increasing active in providing advice in the public law sector"

Tax Law: "In addition to advice on inheritance tax, the main areas lie above all in the reorganization of parts of businesses, external tax audits and providing tax advice in M&A deals"

Environmental Law and Planning: "The environmental law and planning practice at GvW has an emphasis on infrastructure proceedings and advises especially on issues involving Autobahns and airports. The expertise of the team in environmental law includes, among other areas, protection of species, protection of nature and water management law"

Public contracting: The health-care and IT fields are at the center of public contracting law at GvW; "Comprehensive advice on public contracting procedures and subsequent examination procedures"



Insgesamt wird die Kanzlei in diesen 21 Fachbereichen empfohlen:  Aktien- und Konzernrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Arzneimittelrecht, Außenhandel & Exportkontrolle, Datenschutzrecht, Energiewirtschaftsrecht, Europa- & Internationales Recht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Immobilien- & Baurecht, IT-Recht, Kapitalmarktrecht, Kartellrecht, M&A, Öffentliches Baurecht, Öffentliches Recht, Produkthaftung, Steuerrecht, Transport- & Logistikrecht, Umweltrecht sowie Vertragsrecht.



JUVE手册2018 税务







Auszeichnung für GvW Graf von Westphalen als beste mittelständische Kanzlei für das Referendariat

GvW Graf von Westphalen ist der beste Arbeitgeber für Referendare in der Kategorie mittelständische Kanzleien. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer Umfrage unter Referendaren, Absolventen, Studierenden und Arbeitgebern, die das Portal IURRATIO Jobs in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal durchgeführt hat (mehr)



推荐领域/优势领域:劳动法,对外贸易,援助法,银行,合规,能源行业,公司法,不动产法,破产与重组,IT包括数据保护,资本市场法,反垄断法,食品法,并购, 新闻和言论自由法,私募股权/风险投资,建筑私法,项目开发和基础建设,环境与规划,分销法,宪法与行政法,交通法,保险法,分销法。

律师事务所:“GvW,即德国丰伟律师事务所,在过去几年不断实施文化上的革新。”“ 该所在其明确的战略和精益的费用结构方面取得了成功,一些相当知名的客户认为该所是大型律师事务所之外一个有趣的可替代选择。”“Robert Theissen博士和Christof Kleinmann管理下大力推进的团队导向型的咨询方式如今正在取得回报。现在,律所虽未放弃对团队高度专业化的划分,但各业务团队却已紧密合作。”“除了已经广为人知的业务领域,即对外贸易法、不动产法、建筑法之外,业务团队相互间的推介亦使得其他业务领域可以再次获得进一步发展。”

劳动法:“著名的”劳动法业务。 “劳动法业务已经达到一定规模,与此同时,这也使得它可以取得更高程度的专业化。” 对数据保护的“关注”在“增加”。

对外贸易和关税:律所在对外贸易法方面处于领先地位。毋庸置疑,GvW在排行榜上位列第一。该所是唯一一家在全面类目合规(对外贸易、出口管制、海关合规)项下被推荐的律所。 “知名且高度专业化的团队”。 “一家律所这么成功地通晓一切领域的对外贸易法并且能够处理新的议题,譬如跨境电子商务,是非常难得的。”“ 该所成功地处理了当前的一些问题,譬如伊朗限制贸易令的放松以及海关法合规需求的日益增长,并就这些问题向客户提供了全面建议。”“海关和出口法的合规日益增长。”“与在出口和投资控制、核准以及自由贸易协定领域一样,律所对知名客户就海关法和消费税法提供咨询。”“ 客户和竞争对手经常就对外贸易律师表示赞赏。”

援助法:“受推荐的”业务;“ 又一次能够在多个客户招标程序中取得成功。”“ 特殊能力”:对研究机构提供建议;“ 优势领域”:基础设施事项。

中国业务:在德中业务中“具有说服力的团队”;“ 完善的”中国业务部。“现在交易业务愈加具有国际委托的特点,这首先是源于强劲的上海办公室。”

能源:“知名的”律师事务所;“ 特别是将行业专业知识和IT及信息保护法方面已具备的能力运用到能源领域,由此,律所最近能够获得有关能源领域数字化的各项委托。” “为客户就新商业模式提供咨询建议”。“为能源和基础设施项目提供的咨询建议服务在增加。”

公司法:“受推荐的”律师事务所;“律所的公司业务已经成功地拓向国际化并迈向了更高的层次。” “很多咨询建议正在如火如荼地进行着”;“为公司法争议提供的咨询建议正在不断增加”;“ 国际业务的高比例”;GvW在“为国有企业提供咨询服务方面”占据了“一个重要的位置,只有少数竞争对手能够在该领域提供咨询服务。”

不动产法:“知名的”律师事务所;“动态发展”;律所的“主要业务领域”;“广泛的咨询服务:主要是交易,资产管理和发展项目。” “ 优势领域”:不动产交易;“接到的大量委托不仅涉及到多个办公室,而且涉及不同的业务领域。”“ 与公法业务领域配合良好。”“为目前一些高需求远期交易提供咨询建议”。

基础设施和公法领域:交通领域“备受尊敬”的律师事务所;“在公法和公私合营项目方面具有显著经验”。“ 律所尤其是在基础设施方面获得了认可。”“ 在能源和基础设施项目方面提供的咨询建议正在不断增加”“ 为联邦交通部提供的关于联邦合同管理改革的意见深受重视。”“ 优势领域”:基础设施项目。

破产与重组:“知名的”律师事务所;“强劲的破产业务”; “重点领域:在破产情况下,就撤销请求进行诉讼和庭外谈判。”“总额超过几亿欧元的案件显示了破产管理者以及保险公司和企业集团对慕尼黑办公室专业知识的强烈需求。”

IT /数据保护:“备受尊敬”的律师事务所。 “它与新的且知名的客户一同成长。” 它“在为政府机构提供咨询方面,尤其是在IT公共合同程序方面,为自己赢得了声誉”。 “该团队还为政府行政进行数字化。” “GvW也越来越多地就《欧洲数据保护条例》提供法律意见。” 该律师事务所在向外国客户展现其能力。

食品法:“ 受人尊敬”的执业;以“为谷物、饲料产品和家禽产品的生产者提供大量法律咨询服务”而闻名。“有能力就对外贸易法为食品行业提供咨询服务。”

并购,私募股权/风险投资:“受推荐的”业务。 “该律师事务所正在逐步提高其业务水平到一个更高的水平。” “交易业务现在更加具有国际委托的特点。” “这家律师事务所已参与了其核心客户群的大量中小规模交易,而这些核心客户群在德国中型产业中处于较高水平。” “成功的基础就在于整个律师事务所内部各业务团队和不同办公室之间紧密的合作。”

新闻和言论自由法:“受人尊敬”的执业;“ 为危机中的公司提供沟通上的咨询服务,使律师事务所不断获得业务。”“能够很好地处在受影响方的位置。”

建筑私法:“ 经常被推荐的”律师事务所;“富有活力的发展”;“律师事务所的旗舰业务领域。”“在建筑法业务领域被认可,就项目提供咨询是强项。”“在项目中为承包商和客户提供全面的咨询。完善的诉讼业务,尤其是承包商的诉讼业务。还有国际项目。”“已经为大量客户提供了多年的咨询服务。”“将公共法和房地产业务很好结合。”“越来越多地为能源和基础设施项目提供咨询服务。”

环境与规划法 :“推荐”的业务;“与各个公共部门保持着良好的联系。”“尤其在基础设施事务上再次受到重视。”“富有活力的发展” ;“与房地产业务合作良好。””“优势”: 基础设施项目。

宪法和行政法:“备受尊重”的业务;“ 在公法方面有丰富的经验。”“定期参与选举法的事务。”

公共契约法:“推荐的”律师事务所。“多次成功战胜竞争者,获得政府机构的委托”。“在各个业务领域提供密切协调的建议”。“ 精益成本结构”;“与精品所和大型律师事务所相比,GvW的团队都是成功的。” “多年的IT公共契约经验。”“ 在医疗行业基础牢固。”

分销法:分销体系和特许经营法律方面的“知名”律师事务所。 “最重要的是,知名保险公司以及拖车和休闲车行业多年来都依靠该所在分销法律业务中的专有知识。”“ 非常扎实的知识”“ 在跨境委托中定期积极参与国际仲裁程序”。


The Legal 500 Deutschland 2018

Foreign trade law: „A strength in the firm”, „regularly mandated on all issues involving customs and export law” 

Construction law: „GvW focuses above all on advice during the course of projects and representing its clients in disputes" 

Commercial law and law on distribution systems: „Excellent work, fast reaction times and high professional competence”, „active in international arbitration”  

Real estate law: „GvW emphasizes in its practice institutional clients, family offices and individual investors who are increasingly interested in development projects and the hotel industry, in addition to conventional purchasing and selling of real estate”

Information technology: „National and international companies as well as governmental agencies profit from GvW's good service level in both classic IT matters as well as advice on topics under Industry 4.0” 

Tax law: „GvW's handling of matters involves close cooperation with the corporate law team which results especially in tax advice during transactions, including real estate transactions and the classic M&A business.  The services in restructurings and follow-up matters complement the range of services”

Environmental and planning law: „GvW is considered to be excellent because professional, thorough and customized advice is a matter of course and the attorneys take time for the clients and also pay attention to the respective industry and the implications with regard to the public”

Public contracting law: „GvW has had particular success in the fields of healthcare and IT”, „many charitable organizations in the field of healthcare having a high level of importance have become new clients”






GvW ,即德国丰伟律师事务所,将此提名视为对GvW在过去几年为德国中小企业成功服务的认可,以及对本所在受监管市场上竞争力进行战略性扩张的肯定 


律所观察 2017/2018


丰伟律师得到提名的法律领域有劳动法、药品法、对外贸易与出口管制法、数据保护法、欧洲法和国际法、公司法、知识产权保护法、房地产与建筑法、破产法、信息技术法、 反垄断法、并购、公共建筑法、公法、产品责任法、税法、运输和物流法、环境法以及合同法。

PMN Management Award 2017

Two awards at the PMN Management Awards 2017 for the GvW Start-up Team and the GvW Video Blog.


Legal Tribune Online


GvW Graf von Westphalen zählt zu den Top-Arbeitgebern bei den Großkanzleien. mehr




JUVE手册 2016-2017:GvW 丰伟律师事务所第二年度排名上升


Christoph Kleinmann Dr. Robert Theissen领导丰伟团队已有四年,其“团队理念”和“进取精神”成功带领丰伟律师事务所不断向前发展。手册中称,“几乎没有一个合伙制律所的律所文化能够像丰伟一样在过去的五年中有如此大的变化”。




在该手册中丰伟目前单项排名最高的是其外贸业务,以 Dr. Lothar Harings为核心的团队得以再一次扩大其领先优势。JUVE外贸和海关团队凭借其“高度的专业化,良好的政府关系、丰富的法庭经验和紧密的国际网络三者”而享誉业界。丰伟也由此成为JUVE在合规三个领域(外贸 、出口监督和海关)内唯一得到推荐的律所。

JUVE杂志将丰伟的信息技术和数据保护视为发展最大的领域: 在排名中该团队的数据化、外包及数据保护所有业务提升了两个等级。此外,被评估的还有与承包法所对应的业务以及与电子政务法实施相关的公共咨询。















Kanzleimonitor 2015/2016

GvW zählt zu den Kanzleien, die von Unternehmensjuristen am häufigsten empfohlen werden. Laut dem aktuellen Ranking kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016 hat die Kanzlei im Vergleich zum Vorjahr weitere 14 Plätze gut gemacht und liegt im Gesamtranking jetzt auf Platz 27.

Genannt werden die Anwälte der Kanzlei in den Bereichen Aktien- & Konzernrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Außenhandel & Exportkontrolle, Europa- & Internationales Recht, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Insolvenzrecht & Insolvenzverwaltung, IT-Recht, Kartellrecht, Litigation & ADR, Öffentliches Recht, Produkthaftung, Steuerrecht, Strafrecht, Transport- & Logistikrecht sowie Vertragsrecht.







Chambers recommends GvW Graf von Westphalen

GvW Graf von Westphalen is recommended by Chambers Europe 2016 for Commercial Contracts, Corporate / M&A mid-market and Projects: Construction


The Lawyer European Awards 2016

The international industry magazine The Lawyer has nominated GvW Graf von Westphalen in the context of the “The Lawyer European Awards 2016“ as Law Firm of the Year/Germany more


Focus Spezial - Germanys Top-Lawyers 2016

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for labour, corporate and commercial law








Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016

Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016 confirms GvW Graf von Westphalens top-position as most popular midsize law firm more


At this years PMN Awards 2016 GvW Graf von Westphalen ranked third in category Business Development with project Achtundzwanzig (twentyeight) .









海关和对外贸易法:“招牌业务”;“德国境内行业领先的对外贸易业务”;“Lothar Harings的团队在专业方面以及专业领域多年的战略开拓上均享有良好的市场声誉”;“扎实的专业知识,丰富的实践经验——无可超越”(客户);“新晋合伙人Marian NiestedtGerd Schwendinger博士于此期间同样获得了众多赞誉,并拓宽了团队的专业领域”;特别是在合作中“和谐的人际和专业氛围”(客户)


信息技术:经常被推荐的Stephan Menzemer的业务“已将蒸蒸日上的业务进一步发展”;“传统信息技术的重点(系统植入、软件特许和研发合同);










The Legal 500 Germany 2016

Real Estate Law: Graf von Westphalen’s ‘solution-oriented’ team offers „fast processing, economic understanding, very good industry knowledge and an adequate fee level"

IT (including contracts): In the context of the IP and IT practice group, Graf von Westphalen mainly supports medium-sized clients across the entire range of classic IT law and complements extensive expertise by „flexibility, short processing times" and „specialized advice which benefits from the structures of a large national law firm with excellent international business"

Environmental and Planning Law: Graf von Westphalen has strong planning law expertise and often advises on urban development projects. The team is characterized by extensive experience in adversarial proceedings and expert knowledge in foodstuff and animal husbandry issues

Public Procurement: Graf von Westphalen’s team is described as „goal-oriented and professional"

Commercial Law Disputes: For Graf von Westphalen, „processing times, business acumen, industry knowledge as well as team effort and broadness of range of experience" are assessed particularly positively

There are additional recommendations for GvW in the fields construction law, PPP and tax law  



Kanzleimonitor 2015/2016

GvW is among the law firms which are most frequently recommended by in-house counsels. According to the current ranking kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016, the firm has improved its standing by another 14 places in comparison to the previous year and now ranks 27th.

The firm’s lawyers are mentioned in the fields stocks and corporate law, employment law, foreign trade & export control, European and international law, industrial property rights, insolvency law & insolvency administration, IT law, antitrust law, litigation and ADR, public law, product liability, tax law, criminal law, transport & logistics law as well as contracts law.


Chambers names GvW network SCG Legal the top network of attorneys in USA

The GvW network SCG Legal is the top network of attorneys in the US according to Chambers, the leading international handbook for commercial law firms in its current edition 2015. more


Focus Spezial - Germanys Top-Lawyers

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for labour, corporate and commercial law


PMN Management Award 

GvW & JuS win PMN Managemant Award, Category "HR Marketing" with "Probeexamen" GvW Press Release (german)


azur-Award Referendariat und Praktikum

GvW Graf von Westphalen nominiert für den azur-Award 2016 Referendariat und Praktikum  mehr






JUVE Handbook 2014/2015

Recommendations/Strengths: Employment law; foreign trade; banking law; state aid and subsidies law; corporate law; real estate and private construction law (including commercial tenancy law and notary services); insolvency administration; IT; capital investment processes; capital markets law; antitrust law; food law; M&A; PPP and project finance; media and the right of free speech; projects/plant engineering and construction; environment and planning; constitutional and administrative law; procurement; distribution systems

Corporate law: “Main focus on sophisticated SMEs with international focus. A lot of ongoing legal advice. More and more corporate law disputes. High share in the international business”; “Aspiring corporate team”; “In the meantime, GvW more frequently manages to fish in the waters of significantly larger competitors”

M&A: The M&A practice “continuously expedites its specialization” and focusses “more strongly on business relating to BRIC countries”; Strengths: “medium-sized transactions often with international orientation”

Employment law: “Present” practice; “good integration of the employment law specialists into the overall firm”; “some extensive mandates provided another boost”

IP, IT and Media: “Esteemed practices” in IT: contracts/litigation as well as press law and right of free speech

Real Estate Law and Construction Law “Esteemed construction law practice with strong focus on project development”; “In particular in project development, GvW is showing more profile due to the good cooperation across locations and practices”; “Pronounced litigation practice”; Strengths: Real estate transactions; “Established competence” regarding hotel projects

Public commercial law: “Recommended” firm in state aid and subsidies law, environment and planning law and in procurement law”; “Esteemed practices” in food law as well as constitutional and commercial administrative law; “Top-class specialized expertise for advising public authorities and private companies” in the field restructuring/PPP and project finance

Foreign trade and customs law: Is turning into “a kind of lighthouse practice of the firm, which is also on the radar of leading corporate groups, due to the excellent reputation and the high level of specialization”. “Market leading foreign trade law practice”

China: “GvW has in the meantime acquired a position in the China business which makes it increasingly interesting also for renowned German companies”; “Well-positioned in the German-Chinese business” 

Healthcare: “Proven advisors for hospitals, pharmacies and physicians”


《德国法律500强》 (2013/2014版)










  • 公共法领域第三组
  • 建筑法领域第三组

Focus Spezial - Germany's Top-Lawyers 2014 

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for Labour Law and Real Estate Law.


《JUVE指南》(2013/2014 版)