GvW F.A.K.T. – The training program for attorneys 

Promoting personal competence

"Learning on the job" is our main measure for continuing education, and it starts on the first day you are at work. We offer you a systematically structured and professionally conducted course of training and further education. Our professional measures for your development are "individualized". As a full-service law firm, we can accordingly accommodate the different needs of our attorneys in the various practice groups from employment law to customs law in the best possible manner. We support participation in professional courses, external seminars and inhouse training sessions.

An excellent lawyer and business person, however, is not necessarily an excellent advisor. Therefore, we place importance on developing personal competency and have centrally structured the training program GvW F.A.K.T. for our offices.

Management, acquisition, communication and team spirit

F.A.K.T. stands for management, acquisition, communication and team spirit (Führung, Akquise, Kommunikation und Teamgeist), all elementary components on the way to being a complete attorney.

In the training sessions starting in the third year of your career:


  • you get the tools to lead with conviction and you learn the instruments for effective conflict resolution,
  • you get tips about how you can effectively network and how you use possibilities for acquiring clients, and
  • you practice presentation and communication with the client and within the team.