Law clerks

We continuously employ qualified law clerks in all German offices in all areas of the law.  More than 60 law clerks complete their elective or mandatory training stations as attorneys with us – maybe you will also do so soon?  We offer direct involvement in working on client matters, where possible including participation at court hearings and client meetings.  You are trained by one or two experienced partners where you can accompany them and look over their shoulder daily.  Here we also again see learning "on the job" and not in a back office.  The GvW colloquium, in which topics that are relevant in practice in various areas of the law are discussed once each month, also provide for continuing education "outside the box".  This is augmented during your clerkship period by participation in social events of the law firm such as the Christmas party, office field trips or the summer party.

You would like to apply for a position as a law clerk, research assistant or as a practical trainee?  Please address your application to the relevant contact partner at the office you prefer:

Frankfurt: Dr. Marco Zessel

Hamburg: Dr. Christian Triebe

München: Hans-Joachim Lagier

Berlin: Johannes Räther

Düsseldorf: Dr. Thomas Senff