GvW is among the law firms which are most frequently recommended by in-house lawyers. According to the current ranking kanzleimonitor.de 2016/2017, "the law firm again improved and reached place 21 this year" (total ranking Top 100: number of recommending companies). The law firm is now recommended in 16 areas of the law, including foreign trade and export controls as well as public law, in each case with a Top 3 ranking.

To what must attention be paid when transferring data to the USA and other foreign countries? Data transfers to the USA can no longer be based on the so-called Safe Harbor Framework. The ECJ decided this in the fall of 2015. It is necessary to rely on alternatives since then: standard contract clauses or the privacy shield which took effect in July.

Gateway Real Estate AG has acquired a shopping center in Bavaria near Regensburg, and the transfer of the benefits and burdens is planned to take place soon.