Financing growth: GvW Graf von Westphalen supports investor in entering the startup CASE

The Cologne startup CASE is completing the next step in its development. The entrepreneurs Dr. Thomas Alt (Metaio) and Rolf Schrömgens (Trivago) have acquired stakes in the company with a single-digit-millions amount. GvW-Partner Titus Walek advised Dr. Alt in this financing of growth.

Fair comparison of academic performance – this is what the Cologne startup CASE promises to measure with its data base, in order to assess all applicants on the basis of a common standard. The so-called CASE score takes into account the various content of the courses of study and the different degree of strictness in grading. The gives more importance to university grades gain importance in the application process.

Many human resources departments use the new software from CASE, in the meantime. Companies such as Airbus, Deutsche Post, Evonik or ThyssenKrupp are among the customers. The three founders intend to use the investments, among other purpose, for expansion into the US American market.

Key Contact

Dr Tim Nesemann
T +49 89 689077-0