GvW Graf von Westphalen expands its lead as the most popular "mid-size" law firm

GvW Graf von Westphalen remains the most popular mid-size law firm in Germany. According to the LTO Young Professionals Survey 2016published today, most young lawyers who decide to join a mid-size law firm would most like to work for GvW.

"We are very proud of this result," said Marian Niestedt, the partner responsible for personnel at GvW. "The poll proves that word must have got around that demanding, international client work combines very well with a friendly, cooperative working environment."

Last year, GvW had already led in the poll with a great distance ahead of the second placed law firms. This lead was even expanded this year; 7.91% of the responding persons said that they could imagine working for GvW. This ranking put the law firm even in the top 10 among the large law firms.

The LTO Young Professionals Survey 2016 is the largest poll of young jurists with more than 5,400 participants. LTO conducted the poll among law school graduates, law clerks and students using the own web portal and conducted additional comprehensive inquiries at the law school departments at the universities or el§a as well as on legal carrier platforms such as talentrocket, lawyered or clavisto.

One of the main criteria in the poll was the topic of training and continuing training which the law firm has steadily expanded in the last years. In addition to the "training on the job" principle at GvW, the programs are directed towards the different needs of students, law clerks and associates.

The trial examine (Probeexamen) prepares students for the demands of the First State Bar Examine. Together with JuS, GvW publishes the Special Edition Trial Examines once each year and organizes and conducts examine workshops with the content that is actually tested in the examine.

The law firm also places importance on focused preparation for the state examine for law clerks. All law clerks in the law firm meet twice each year at one location in order to, among other aspects, get the necessary preparation for the Second State Bar Examine by participating in crash courses conducted by Kaiserseminare. 

The partnership accompanies associates on the way to developing as attorneys with the F.A.K.T. program by training competency in leadership, acquiring clients, communications and team spirit as the most important aspects in addition to professional expertise.

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