JUVE Handbook for Commercial Law Firms 2019/2020: Integration is the measure if all things

"Integration is more than just a word, specifically for a law firm such as GvW Graf von Westphalen which places great value on working together and does not like individualists. Integration is the standard for everything." The publisher JUVE writes this in its Handbook for Commercial Law Firms 2019/2020 that has now been released, and JUVE praises the strong networking within the law firm. GvW is "on the same level as the large law firms with regard to networking" as a mid-size law firm. The law firm "simply gets going", it is also stated, "transactions or projects in which multiple offices and practice teams work together are daily business."

The "comprehensive approach to providing advice" and the "strong client base in German mid-size industry" are highly respected. GvW demonstrates its abilities "with the broad range of issues" and "many qualitative, high-end matters". In addition to the field of foreign trade law, in which the law firm has been able to assert its position as the unchallenged number 1, the law firm has received a recommendation in the following fields: employment; state aid; compliance; energy; corporate law; real estate/construction; insolvency/restructuring; IT; food; M&A; press; projects/plant construction; taxes; telecommunications; environmental and planning; public contracting; transport; distribution.  

GvW supports its clients in introducing digital products to the market and has developed specific expertise in the field of network communications with the new partner and "well-known telecommunications lawyer" Dr. Grace Nacimiento. The clients also profit here from the "comprehensive knowledge of the law on structuring IT contracts with regard to new business models". "IT and data protection are also motors for other practice areas", as JUVE values the development of the IT and data protection practice group.  

The JUVE editors emphasize in the new Handbook also the "excellent international direction" and the "high portion" of international business. Advise related to China is "especially well established" with the strong office in Shanghai. GvW has also "continuously expanded its involvement in international arbitration proceedings.

The development of the law firm in advising governmental agencies is also viewed very positively. The law firm "with a long tradition and strong partners in the field of public law" has "noticeably increased" its national perception. GvW has also been able to "gain attention" with mandates such as e.g. the fixed "Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link". 

It is also good to see that JUVE recognizes the law firm's efforts to develop its young talent. GvW takes a "strategic" approach and "offers what is for a mid-size law firm a broad training and career development program for associates".