New law for the digital economy - GvW provides a synopsis on the draft of the Telecommunications Modernization Act (Telekommunikationsmodernisierungsgesetz, "TKMoG")

One of the most significant legislative reforms affecting the digital economy is underway: the modernization of the telecommunications law. Implementing the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), the new law aims, among others, at laying the grounds for investment-friendly regulation to promote in particular full-coverage expansion of gigabit networks. Moreover, the imminent revision of the law will also be an essential basis for digitalization processes and innovation across industries.

A draft act has now been published at The draft is not final but well-advanced, it indicates that there will be extensive changes requiring a direct comparison of the old and new rules in order to analyse and evaluate the upcoming revision. Our attorneys, under the lead of GvW partner Dr Grace Nacimiento, have prepared a detailed synopsis of the Telecommunications Act 2004/2020 and the draft of the new TKMoG spanning over 500 pages, in cooperation with the Association of Providers of Telecommunications and Value Added Services (Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten, "VATM").

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