Online block lifted: again able to be accessed in full in Turkey thanks to GvW Graf von Westphalen

The 2.5 million users of and in Turkey now again have full access to the content of the Turkish language sites of Turkish public authorities (ICTA - Information and Communication Technologies Authority) had blocked all images on After negotiations by GvW Graf von Westphalen's Turkish lawyers with ICTA in Ankara, all images can now again be shown on

Webme GmbH is the provider of a homepage building block system with which anyone can simply and professionally design their own personal website. The company located in Nuremberg, which has already been in the market for ten years, is one of the pioneers in the industry. More than 14 million users currently use the services of this provider worldwide who distributes homepage building block systems in German, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian and Russian.

GvW advises webme GmbH through the law firms' Turkey Desk under the lead of Dr. Gökçe Uzar Schüller. The Turkish attorney (Avukat) in the Munich office advises German companies when entering the Turkish market and conducting their businesses in Turkey. The law firm recently advised Turkish Aerospace Industries in Germany when they entered the market (more).

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Dr Tim Nesemann
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