Record Year 2019: GvW Graf von Westphalen increases Profit by 32.4%

The law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen is continuing its dynamic growth. With total billings of Euro 58.8 million and profit of Euro 27.8 million, the law firm was successful economically as never before. An increase in billings and profit of 26.2% and 32.4% respectively means the best year far in the history of the firm.

The firm was able to welcome many new employees and professionals in the year 2019, including attorneys in all practice groups. Three new equity partners, four associate partners and one local partner from the own ranks completed the next step in their development last year (more). The law firm has an excellent reputation as an employer.

The partnership continues to be managed by its two managing partners Christof Kleinmann and Dr. Robert Theissen. Just in November, they were confirmed for already their sixth term of office. They are supported in management by the new partner board consisting of Dr. Wolfram Desch, Dr. Ronald Steiling and David Wende.

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