New US sanctions against Iran - the conflict regarding the "nuclear deal" threatens to escalate

Exactly one year after the declaration of the USA to withdraw from the "nuclear deal" with Iran, the President of the United States has imposed further severe sanctions against Iran with Executive Order of 8 May 2019. So far, US sanctions were especially targeting the oil sector, Iran’s main source of income, as well as the banking and financial sector; now they also apply to the iron, steel, aluminium and copper sector.

The impact of this development on European companies will be the subject of our "lunch talk" at GvW's Frankfurt office on 14 May 2019. Dr. Lothar Harings, Head of the Customs and Foreign Trade Law Practice Group and Chairman of the European Forum for Foreign Trade, Excise and Customs (EFA), and Brett Harris, Attorney-at-law of US law firm Pisani & Roll, one of the leading foreign trade lawyers in the US, will discuss the USA’s Iran policy under the title "America first? The challenge of US sanctions". On 16 and 17 May 2019, Dr. Lothar Harings and Brett Harris will hold a seminar on the same topic at the Hamburger Zollakademie titled "U.S. Export Controls and Embargoes & Sanctions for European companies".


Lothar, Dr Harings

Dr Lothar Harings

is lawyer and partner at GvW Graf von Westphalen. In addition Lothar is founder and CEO of the HZA Hamburger Zollakademie