The Federal Administrative Court has dismissed all six pending appeals against the planning decision on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. Construction of the tunnel may therefore now also begin in Germany. GvW advised the State of Schleswig-Holstein and was represented by a Hamburg team consisting of Dr Ronald Steiling (lead), Corinna Lindau, Dr Dietrich Drömann, Prof. Dr Christian Winterhoff, Dr Andreas Wolowski, Saskia Soravia, Dr Stefanie Ramsauer, Dr Annika Bleier, Felix Kazimierski and Niclas Langhans.
(BVerwG 9 A 6.19, 9 A 7.19, 9 A 9.19, 9 A 10.19, 9 A 11.19, 9 A 12.19 and 9 A 13.19).


Stuttgart is the newest addition to our offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. Following the opening of our new Stuttgart office, GvW Graf von Westphalen is now present in all major German business cities with an expanded range of services, now also including logistics.


Oswald Elektromotoren GmbH is a fourth-generation manufacturer and distributor of main drives for industrial, energy and mobility applications. The company is based in Miltenberg in the region of Frankonia. With its quality electric motors, it is one of the German SMEs that are in high demand internationally. Such a long-established company thrives on a very special company culture and on its close and strong ties with employees. This is one of the key pillars of its company strategy, as owner Johannes Oswald explains in our video.

New flexible space concepts for offices are taking the market by storm. First there was digitalisation, now it’s COVID-19 with increasing numbers of people working from home – the needs of work environments keep changing. Office Group is intensely engaged in exploring these new needs and provides solutions for a positive and productive company culture. GvW Graf von Westphalen is also drawing on impetus from Office Group in this regard. At the same time, our firm advises Office Group on all legal issues arising from the planning stage to the implementation stage of its concepts.


Our “Art on Top” series of exhibitions is back again – this time as an online event. Unfortunately, we cannot host a real-life vernissage at our Frankfurt office this year. Instead, the art of Il-Jin Atem Choi and his impressive exhibition entitled “Formvoll endet” (“perfect(ed) in form”) can be viewed online. Prof Philippe Pirotte, professor of art history and curatorial studies at the Städelschule fine art school, and the artist himself shared with us their thoughts about the works.


Companies wishing to export physical goods, software or technology abroad now have a digital tool at their disposal: With our online tool, they receive an initial export control risk assessment free of charge. Our lawyers have created the tool themselves using BRYTER's automation software. During our tour through the Port of Hamburg, Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER, and our partner Dr. Lothar Harings, head of the practice group Customs and Foreign Trade Law, exchanged views on Legal Tech applications in foreign trade.

Chris has been running the “Monty’s” bar in Hamburg-Winterhude for two years, and his corner bar with that special atmosphere has enjoyed increasing popularity among young people ever since. But then the shutdown came with consequences in particular for bars and restaurants that threaten their very existence. The emergency relief offered by the German government is not enough to get the situation under control. Further compensation is needed which, in the opinion of the lawyers of GvW Graf von Westphalen, is also a requirement of constitutional law. That is why our firm has developed a tool to help owners of bars, restaurants and other businesses that have had to close their doors in a rapid and unbureaucratic way. For further information see www.coronaentschä

Getting insights into a commercial law firm and achieving excellent exam results are the two top priorities of legal training at GvW Graf von Westphalen. We want our legal trainees (Referendare) to get a full and true picture of the work of a commercial lawyer in the various areas of commercial law. At the same time, we offer them a range of support and the breathing room they need to prepare for their Second State Examination in Law.

The “Campus” series of projects has made Kapitalpartner, a family-owned real estate company, a pioneer in the asset class of student accommodation. By now, the company has seven “Campus” projects up and running in Germany. One of them is located in a central position in Hamburg-Ottensen and comprises a total of 141 student apartments. GvW Graf von Westphalen assists Kapitalpartner with a full range of advice on all legal issues relating to the asset class of student accommodation.

Clearly, emission compensation is not a “silver bullet” solution, but reducing CO2 emissions is a must. However, there is currently no solution available in aviation that would be more climate-friendly, such as a zero-emissions plane. This is the reason why atmosfair, a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, offers passengers the ability to compensate for the climate impacts caused by their necessary air travel. This money is used to expand renewable forms of energy in countries of the southern hemisphere. We have asked them to tell us what project the funds support and how professional service firms like law firms can make an effective contribution to climate protection.