The new H 4 Hotel of the H-Hotels Group in Mönchengladbach is all about football. The immediate location directly at the stadium and the theme rooms with the Borussia story make this new hotel a special place and a must for all football fans. Our lawyers were able to legally accompany the H-Hotels Group with their first football hotel - and wanted to get their own impression of this great location shortly after the opening.


Our client Cube Bikes is supported by our customs team around Dr. Lothar Harings in all customs matters. Cube Bikes still buys many bicycles and spare parts from third countries into the European Union, so that sometimes customs duties can be incurred in considerable sums.


Welcome to Ulmenstraße in the heart of Frankfurt.


In our series "Art on Top" we invite young artists from the Städelschule to exhibit their work in our Frankfurt office. Viviana Abelson from Buenos Aires/Argentina is currently presenting her work on the 15th floor. We accompanied the ceremonial opening of the vernissage in our new conference floor with our camera.

The Max Bögl group of companies has developed a new system for local public transport: The Transport System Bögl (TSB) promises with the magnetic levitation train technology an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient means of transport for a better mobility in the city centres. The technology is also enjoying greater international popularity: Max Bögl recently exported the TSB to China. Through a sales partnership with a Chinese company, the construction of a 3.5-kilometer test track in Chengdu and the comprehensive marketing of the technology in China are planned.


Die Einführung der Brückenteilzeit zählt sicherlich zu den größten arbeitsrechtlichen Reformen der letzten Jahre. Seit dem 1. Januar 2019 besteht ein Anspruch auf eine zeitlich begrenzte Teilzeit, verbunden mit dem Recht auf Rückkehr zur vorherigen Arbeitszeit. Was das konkret für Sie bedeutet und welche Fallstricke zu beachten sind, zeigt Ihnen Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht Christoph J. Hauptvogel in unserem Webinar.

In February 2012, owner Wilhelm Schröter opened the first elbgym fitness studio at the Gorch-Fock-Wall in Hamburg. In the meantime, elbgym has two more "5-star" studios in the heart of Hamburg. And our client will continue to grow without giving up her brand core: The elbgym focuses on genuine, honest training in a high class ambience. Our employees, whom we accompanied with the camera during a training in the Gorch-Fock-Wall, also experienced this.


Client satisfaction is the highest good: We have asked our clients what is particularly important to them when working with a law firm. Solution competence, clarity, speed, punctuality, accessibility, transparent fees and above all empathy are among the most frequently mentioned characteristics.

Einer Ihrer Geschäftspartner wird insolvent und der Insolvenzverwalter klopft bei Ihnen an, um bereits geleistete Zahlungen zurückzufordern. Gestützt auf die Tatbestände der Insolvenzanfechtung können Insolvenzverwalter unter Umständen noch nach vielen Jahren erhebliche Beträge von Ihnen zurückverlangen. Stellen Sie daher rechtzeitig die Weichen, um sich auf eine mögliche Insolvenz Ihrer Geschäftspartner und die drohenden unkalkulierbaren Risiken für die Vertragsbeziehungen vorzubereiten. Christian Fuhst und Ansgar Hain, Rechtsanwälte und Insolvenzverwalter bei GvW Graf von Westphalen, erklären Ihnen, wie Sie sich als Gläubiger vor solchen Rückforderungen in der Insolvenz schützen können.

Our process of determining our guiding principles did not involve finding new values for our law firm. Instead, we as GvW Graf von Westphalen wanted to intensively address our understanding of our role as a business and employer. We identified together three values which are important to us and guide us in our work, how we deal with each other and our clients: Leading, Focused, Fair.