The Düsseldorf office of GvW is the newest office for the law firm. What started in Düsseldorf Köblick with two desks in 2012 is in the meantime an integrated office with attorneys in the fields of public procurement, construction, energy, customs, cooperate law, M&A and IP. Art is also a special aspect at the office. 


Located in the center of town at the Potsdamer Platz, our Berlin office symbolizes the cohesive, many years of work by our employees in the national capital and other parts of Germany. This is our main office close to the center of politics in which our attorneys contribute also their political competence in addition to their legal skills. 


The European Union eased various trade sanctions with Iran this year. Which branches of industry are covered by this easing, in which areas the sanctions continue and how the US sanctions against Iran have an effect on European commerce with Iran is explained by the embargo experts at GvW Dr. Lothar Harings, Marian Niestedt and Dr. Gerd Schwendinger.


We moved into our Munich office in the Lenbach Gardens around one year ago. The move was a further step in the positive development and constructive attitude at the office.

Centrally located with good traffic connections between the Munich railway station, the Königsplatz and Stachus, the office is an important address for clients of the firm located in Bavaria as well as international clients and their investments in southern Germany.


Durch den starken Zustrom von Flüchtlingen im vergangenen Jahr stehen die Städte und Kommunen vor der großen Herausforderung, ausreichend Wohnraum zu schaffen.

Der Gesetzgeber hat reagiert und zahlreiche Erleichterungen für den Bau von Flüchtlingsunterkünften geschaffen. Bei diesen Unterkünften handelt es sich um Spezialimmobilien mit besonderen Anforderungen für die Gestaltung von Mietverträgen.


Welcome to GvW Graf von Westphalen at Ulmenstraße in the heart of the city.


Juristische Schulung (JuS) and GvW Graf von Westphalen have jointly established the practice exam.  In addition to the special edition with six essay exams by well-known JuS-authors, the practice examination also includes regular exam workshops with practical guides on methodology and the mental situation during testing, topics which are often not adequately treated when preparing for exams. 


Setting aside transactions in insolvency is supposed to be reformed. The second and third reading in the legislative process is planned in the German parliament (Bundestag) for fall 2016. The goal of the new provisions is to protect commerce against disproportionate burdens. 

The attorneys and insolvency administrators at GvW Rechtsanwälte and GvW Insolvenzverwaltung und Sanierung discuss the planned reform of setting aside transactions in insolvency in our video.


Selling things privately as simple as possible. That is the goal the Hamburg company Stuffle is pursuing with its online platform

After getting the idea with friends over beer, the founders continuously further developed the app and sold the startup to Immobilienscout 24 group.


"Die Alte Post" is one of the most well-known and historic buildings in Hamburg. We are proud that our Hamburg office has been located in this special property since 2011. 130 people work here directly next to the Hamburg town hall.