Setting aside transactions in insolvency is supposed to be reformed. The second and third reading in the legislative process is planned in the German parliament (Bundestag) for fall 2016. The goal of the new provisions is to protect commerce against disproportionate burdens. 

The attorneys and insolvency administrators at GvW Rechtsanwälte and GvW Insolvenzverwaltung und Sanierung discuss the planned reform of setting aside transactions in insolvency in our video.


Selling things privately as simple as possible. That is the goal the Hamburg company Stuffle is pursuing with its online platform

After getting the idea with friends over beer, the founders continuously further developed the app and sold the startup to Immobilienscout 24 group.


"Die Alte Post" is one of the most well-known and historic buildings in Hamburg. We are proud that our Hamburg office has been located in this special property since 2011. 130 people work here directly next to the Hamburg town hall.


The goal for BABADADA is to make languages and dialects easily accessible using image dictionaries. BABADADA GmbH is a client of the start-up consulting team at the law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen ( Ruben Bach, one of the managing directors of BABADADA, explains the foundation for the business in our video.


Many large projects involving substantial delays and increases in costs have resulted in a call for fast and efficient dispute resolution method. The United Kingdom has had excellent experience for years with so-called "adjudication", and we believe that can also become a standard in Germany.  What does Team 28 mean?  It is an interdisciplinary project of the lawyers at GvW Graf von Westphalen as well as the technicians at Bringe Engineering and Hill International.


The Union Custom Code (UCC) has come into force in European Union on 1 May.  The new European legal framework has resulted in many changes in German customs law.

Dr. Lothar HaringsMarian Niestedt and Dr. Gerd Schwendinger, partners and experts in customs law at Graf von Westphalen consider the new rules as well as the opportunities and risks for the import and export industry.