Federal Administrative Court: Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link may be built

The Federal Administrative Court has dismissed all six pending appeals against the planning decision on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. Construction of the tunnel may therefore now also begin in Germany. GvW advised the State of Schleswig-Holstein and was represented by a Hamburg team consisting of Dr Ronald Steiling (lead), Corinna Lindau, Dr Dietrich Drömann, Prof. Dr Christian Winterhoff, Dr Andreas Wolowski, Saskia Soravia, Dr Stefanie Ramsauer, Dr Annika Bleier, Felix Kazimierski and Niclas Langhans.
(BVerwG 9 A 6.19, 9 A 7.19, 9 A 9.19, 9 A 10.19, 9 A 11.19, 9 A 12.19 and 9 A 13.19).