Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Digitalization in construction continues to advance: Building Information Modeling (“BIM“) optimizes the planning, construction and operation of buildings by continuously digitally monitoring their entire life cycle  displayed in three dimensions and making all data usable for all participants in the construction project.

Much can be said in favor of the new method

The goal of BIM in planning buildings, which are becoming more complex, is to assure the functionality and quality of the project at all times. The method also promises at the same time to increase efficiency, saves costs and meet deadlines. BIM creates a view of the entire process. Data that are continuously consolidated free of contradictions and the information establish a suitable basis for all participants in a project to make decisions. The common data basis promotes working in a network and, thus, also transparency on the construction site.

What are the specific legal aspects?

Digital construction and planning change not only the workflow in the project phases but also have effects on the legal aspects. Especially when structuring the contracts, it is advisable to regulate accordingly the specific rights and duties related to BIM as well as the contractual relationships. Advice on BIM requires especially a close interface with the corresponding legal aspects:

  • Liability
  • HOAI
  • Copyright
  • Data protection
  • Data security
  • Public contracting law
  • Public law

Why choose us?

Our attorneys have been involved with the BIM method for many years. We have already advised on many BIM-supported projects, although the method is not yet a requirement in Germany. Our expertise is also in demand at universities and continuing education of the bar.

Our clients benefit from the fact that the various specialists in the legal areas relevant for BIM work closely together in our full service law firm. As a result of our participation in various interdisciplinary BIM organizations, we are also able to involve the appropriate experts from other practice areas at any time.  

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