Construction Conflict Management

Tight pressure on scheduling, defective construction work, exploding costs – conflicts at the construction site can never be completely avoided even with a forward looking structure of the contract. It is accordingly especially important to achieve fast and satisfactory solutions at the construction site, in order not to endanger the continuation of construction project.

Whether before the courts or out of court, in proceedings with opponents or when avoiding disputes, there is no single type of process to resolve and avoid your conflict. Our goal is to avoid litigation that can last over many years and result in large costs; instead, or goal is to quickly resolve the conflicts that arise, in order to maintain security with regard to planning and costs and protect the investments of our clients. Mediation or arbitration are often the chosen means.

We provide clear recommendations for action with our many years of experience in conflict management with regard to which method of dispute resolution best serves your needs, e.g. with regard to speed, confidentiality or when obtaining an enforceable order.

We have recognized the growing interest of the construction industry in the field of alternative dispute resolution with our interdisciplinary team in Project 28 ( which we have established. We are proud to be out in front with our claim of fast and effective dispute resolution, especially in the field of adjudication in Germany.

As attorneys, who act as arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators, we have already handled a large number of construction disputes in all commercial centers in Germany on behalf of our clients. The size of our construction law team consisting of 20 attorneys enables us to also provide the personnel resources for deficient conflict management in large construction projects at any time.

Nothing serves your investment more than a resolved conflict, that is our goal.

Our main areas of services:

  • Advice in conflict prevention
  • Initiation and support in adjudication proceedings and deciding disputes as adjudicators
  • Conducting mediation proceedings and preparing mediation reports
  • Obtaining expert reports
  • Mediation of construction conflicts
  • Litigation before the regular courts
  • Representing parties and acting as judges in arbitration proceedings

Key Contact

Alena Wutz, neé Danilow
T +49 40 35922-136