Construction Contract Law

The central instrument for the planning, management and supervision of your construction project with regard to security in terms of costs and scheduling is a forward looking structure of the contract. The principle is to reduce from the very beginning the potential for conflict in the classic construction contract and in other contracts with the participants in the project by means of clear provisions. At the same time, of course, the individual interests of the client in the project must be identified and secured with corresponding structuring of the contract, for example, by concluding a GMP contract. Our attorneys support you in agreeing on the optimum legal structure for your project, nationally e.g. when applying the new construction contract law that took effect in 2018 as well as internationally, for example, with the FIDIC terms and conditions. When you are the main contractor or general contractor, we implement contract and compliance systems with which you can effectively handle specific risks in the chain of contracts

Mature project management in every phase of the construction project is also absolutely essential. Large construction projects with long planning and construction phases frequently develop their own dynamics which are not foreseeable at the beginning of the project. The project must accordingly be accompanied by legal project management with a great deal of experience that knows the decisive points in order to complete the project without exploding the costs.

Our construction law team with 20 attorneys has advised our clients during the course of numerous large projects and we completely understand the interaction between structuring the contract and project management in a project with various participants.

Our main areas of services:

  • Structuring, negotiating and examining construction contracts
  • Structuring terms and conditions of contract under VOB and FIDIC
  • Adapting existing template contracts and text elements to the new law on contract for works (in effect since 1 January 2018)
  • Advice on construction contract issues in all phases of the construction project (construction project management)
  • Advice on providing security during construction (e.g. providing security, bank sureties, comfort letters, handling construction funds)
  • Support in securing evidence
  • Enforcing and defending against customer claims (e.g. defects, addenda, construction time)
  • Enforcing and defending against contractor claims (e.g. compensation, defects, construction time, disruption during construction, changes in construction)
  • Advice in construction conflict management

Key Contact

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Lawyer, Accredited Specialist in Construction and the Law of Governing Architects
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