Construction of Plants

Projects involving the construction of plants confront plant operators and contractors with special legal challenges. Knowledge and expertise in the most important parameters from planning through the contract award process, construction to the warranties are essential for complex plants. The provisions in the construction contract often apply without the Parties even being aware of them.

The basis for the construction project is the plant construction contract which is frequently based on international contract templates such as provided by the FIDIC. When negotiating and structuring the contracts for plants, our attorneys especially pay attention to a developed system of liability and adequate security. In addition to the plant construction project, we support you also in preparing other contracts such as e.g. the operator contracts, service and maintenance contracts.

Software contracts are becoming increasingly more important in the age of digitalization and increasing automation; we work hand-in-hand with our specialists in IT law here. We place great importance on our close cooperation with other member law firms in our international network of law firms "scg Legal" in contracts under foreign legal systems.

Claims management is one of the core services in our firm. We advise in this respect in all phases of a project, from prevention to enforcement/defense of corresponding claims during before the courts, in arbitration or in adjudication proceedings. We work closely together with worldwide leading consulting firms in the field of claims management.

Our clients include plant and equipment manufacturers from various industries. The service of GvW are frequently involved in the energy sector in the production of biogas, photovoltaic and wind power plants (onshore and offshore). We also work in the field of demolition of nuclear power plants.

Our main areas of services:

  • Advice in awarding contracts for plant construction
  • Legal support in the realization of plant construction projects
  • Legal advice in process optimization in plant construction
  • Negotiation and structuring contracts such as the plant construction construct or the operator, service and maintenance contracts and software contracts
  • Adapting and examining FIDIC standard contracts
  • Advice and product liability and product safety
  • Support in quality assurance agreements
  • Defending against and enforcing claims in the area of claims management 

Key Contact

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