Legal advice on topics of the German Energiewende (energy transition)

At present, there is hardly any area of life or legal field which is developing faster than the energy industry. The energy transition in particular, which requires an accelerated grid expansion in addition to a focus on renewable energy and an improvement of energy efficiency, brings new challenges for private as well as governmental players. The transition of social interests and political requirements goes hand in hand with a fundamental change of the legal framework conditions. 

In order to be successful in the energy industry, specific industry knowledge as well as specialized legal expertise is required. This applies to companies from the energy sector as well as private investors and municipalities. GvW Graf von Westphalen’s lawyers have long-standing experience in various areas of the energy industry and offer you competent practical advice tailored to your interests. In addition to classic energy law experts, our firm’s focus area group contains specialists from other relevant fields such as environmental and planning lawconstruction and real estate law, M&A, corporate law or tax law. Since we can bundle our competencies, we are in a position to offer you comprehensive support on your projects - nationally as well as internationally, onshore as well as offshore.

Our scope of services includes the following aspects:

  • Solutions for energy law issues (EnWG, EEG, KWKG, NABEG)
  • Advice on share purchase and sale transactions, mergers, privatizations and remunicipalizations
  • Advice on the financing of energy projects
  • Renewables, wind energy (onshore and offshore)
  • Advice in the field of price and cost regulations
  • Design and negotiation of energy supply agreements and energy import agreements
  • Digitalization and BigData in the energy industry
  • Solutions for “Smart Energy”
  • Advice on the planning, construction and operation of plants and infrastructure measures
  • Advice on issues regarding nuclear safety and radiation protection legislation (dismantling, waste management etc.)
  • Advice on real estate industry topics (“green building”)
  • Solve issues of energy antitrust law
  • Advice in the field of aids and subsidies control
  • Advice in the field of energy tax law

Our energy industry clients

Among our clients are energy suppliers, grid operators, plant operators and plant manufacturers, planners and project developers and financial institutes. In addition to these traditional energy companies, we also advise the public sector and industrial enterprises on energy law topics and on their efforts to increase energy efficiency.