Infrastructure and Public Sector

Advising the public sector has a long tradition in the history of our law firm. We have advise German federal government and state ministries, local authorities, associations and public-sector corporations, and we support private-sector market participants through all types of authorization procedures.

The federal government, German states, administrative districts and municipalities must respond to demanding issues.

How best to organize a particular task best organised? What core tasks must be handled by administrative authorities, what role can the private sector play in the fulfilling these tasks? How can the municipality be developed in terms of planning to enable a sufficient supply of attractive commercial and residential space? What precautions must be taken to ensure legal and economically viable public procurement? What effect do developments in European law have on decision-makers’ ability to act, and what parameters for liability and responsibility must be observed by elected representatives and public officials?

Our long years of experience have given us am excellent ability to support organizations in the public sector on these and other issues. We are familiar with the decision making process and the challenges of administration in practice, and we are well-qualified to clarify complex issues and develop suitable and practical solutions together with our clients.

We will also advise and represent you in the following areas: