Infrastructure and Public Sector

GvW has a long history of providing legal advice to the state. For many decades we have advised federal and federal state ministries, towns and cities, municipalities, associations and public corporations, and have provided ongoing advice to private individuals in all manner of permit procedures.
The federal government, the states, districts and municipalities have to make challenging decisions. We know these situations and challenges faced by administrative practice. We are qualified to resolve and clarify complex issues and come up with appropriate and hands-on solutions as we work together with our clients.

Our key industry sectors

Urban Development

  • Ongoing advice on urban development projects
  • Advice relating to urban development statutes
  • Negotiation and drafting of urban development contracts

Environment and Planning

  • Advice in plan approval procedures
  • Advice in regional land use and development plan procedures
  • Advice in immissions control law

Local Government Law

  • Municipal tax and fee law
  • Review of municipal by-laws
  • Advice on municipal enterprises

Budget and Tax Law

  • Local public infrastructure development charges
  • Road building and road improvement charges
  • Public broadcasting charges

Constitutional Law

  • Preparation of expert opinions relating to matters of constitutional law
  • Ongoing expert advice of legislative procedures
  • Lodging constitutional complaints


  • Ongoing advice during procurement procedure
  • Contract law advice taking account of the financing structure
  • Ongoing tax law advice

Public Procurement

  • Preparing and conducting public procurement procedures
  • Drawing up applications to participate, bids
  • Representation in public procurement review procedures

State Aid and Subsidies

  • Advice on state aid procedures
  • State aid recovery matters
  • Compliance with state aid legislation

Administrative Procedural Law

  • Legal actions before the administrative courts
  • Interlocutory relief
  • Preventive legal protection