Public Construction Law

Public construction law has been one of the core areas of our firm for many years. Our practice covers the entire field of planning law and construction law. We advise our clients throughout the country in real estate development projects, together with our colleagues in the private construction and architectural law practice group as well as the real estate practice group, and we provide support frequently in interdisciplinary teams with special planners and experts. We conduct administrative proceedings, negotiate on behalf of and with public authorities and represent our clients in all instances of the administrative courts. We act in all areas both for private companies and family offices as well as public agencies.

Frequent areas for our services are:  

  • Support in urban development projects and development of neighborhoods (real estate development projects and construction of industrial plants, BIDs and HIDs: Business Improvement Districts and Housing Improvement Districts)
  • Advice for local communities and players in the real estate industry in establishing and modifying development plans and other urban development ordinances, conversion of old space
  • Preparation and negotiation of urban development contracts (e.g. contracts for installation of public services, implementation contracts, provisions on the allocation of costs)
  • Advice in obtaining the right to build/building permits, defending and challenging building permits (complaints by neighbors)
  • Support in retail projects (covering large areas)
  • Advice in establishing, modifying or expanding commercial operations and industrial facilities, including all issues of protection against immissions and the law governing disasters
  • Advice on public law in connection with real estate transactions (real estate due diligence, issues involving permits (existence, changes in use, parking spaces, noise immissions), contamination of the ground and preexisting contamination including clean-up agreements, structuring and providing support in forward deals)
  • Fire prevention, especially requirements under fire prevention law in the case of existing buildings
  • Advice in connection with ordinances to protect trees and all requirements of the law to protect nature (e.g. protection of species, protection of the biotope, offset measures)
  • Issues involving protection of historic landmarks and preservation ordinances
  • Urban development clean-up measures (including offset payments, permits for clean-up permits)
  • Aspects on the law related to floods in planning and building permit proceedings
  • Issues related to public levies in connection with contributions for connection to public services, contributions for expansion, connection charges, usage fees
GvW Graf von Westphalen stays in touch with the most current developments in the area of public construction law for the firm's clients (e.g. the new type of development zone "Urban Zone") and actively plays a role in structuring these developments with the involvement of the firm's attorneys in specialized committees and associations. New economic opportunities and risks can accordingly be recognized early and included in the advice for our clients.

Key Contact

Dr Sigrid Wienhues
Lawyer, Accredited Specialist in Administrative Law
T +49 40 35922-263