Representation of creditors, shareholders and business partners of companies in a crisis and in insolvency

Not just the company itself, also creditors, shareholders and business partners find themselves confronted with special challenges in a crisis or in the case of insolvency.  We help you to limit your risks in this situation.

Our main services:

  • Structuring security so that it survives an attempt to set it aside in insolvency 
  • Enforcing receivables, asserting rights for separation of assets and separate satisfaction
  • Negotiation of agreements with insolvency administrators or administrators of debtors-in-possession, for example, agreements on continuing the business
  • Representation in creditors' committees
  • Representation of banks in financial restructuring: (re-)financing negotiations, advice in the case of breaches of covenants, stand-still and settlement agreements, bridge financing, recovery loans, security that survives insolvency, delineating security, pool agreements, etc.
  • Advice to shareholders (divestment decisions, moving businesses, raising and preserving capital, corporate group financing)
  • Advice on trust solutions (holding security or shares in trust)

Key Contact

Christian Fuhst
Lawyer and Insolvency Administrator
T +49 89 1259513-0