JUVE Handbook 2019 Tax

The only law firm with a 5-star valuation in the area of customs and excise taxes; "No other entity enjoys such a high reputation"; recommendations also for the areas of corporate taxes and transaction taxes.


JUVE Handbook 2018/2019

Recommendations/strengths: employment law, foreign trade, construction law, state aid, compliance, the energy industry, corporate law, real estate, information technology, food law, M&A, the law governing the press and free speech, projects/plant construction, environmental and planning law, public contracting, the traffic sector

Law firm: top 50 firm: "culture in the firm characterized by cooperation among practice areas and offices"; "The level of cooperation throughout the firm is no longer just theory at GvW Graf von Westphalen – contrary to many similar firms – and instead is lived every day"; "The well thought out growth in personnel and the push for cooperation has helped GvW get further recognition in the market"; "The well thought out growth in personnel and the push for cooperation has helped GvW get further recognition in the market "; GvW has demonstrated that it is "addressing the future topic of digitalization";

How well GvW understands finding its lateral hires on the basis of their professional qualifications has already been proven repeatedly in the past"; "clear lines in management"

Employment law: "The practice group has harvested the fruits of its restructuring last year: GvW has that on the right horse with special teams for the trend topics of data protection as well as bAV"

Foreign trade and customs: The "leading" law firm in foreign trade; GvW is the unchallenged number 1 in the ranking "lighthouse practice group" foreign trade law; "strengths: fully integrated practice with an emphasis on all areas of customs and foreign trade law"; "more strongly than its competitors, the law firm succeeds in covering the entire range of foreign trade law"; competitors praised GvW as the "go-to law firm for foreign trade law" where "clients are in good hands"; "clients regularly rely on the know-how in the team for special issues"; the practice group regularly provides comprehensive advice on foreign trade compliance, whereby its close linkage to other practice groups is a benefit"; recommended as the only GvW practice group under the general heading of compliance (foreign trade, export control, customs compliance); "the team increases to gain visibility in well-known international corporate groups"; "competitors involve the foreign trade experts at GvW in cross-border transactions for foreign trade due diligence as well as for special questions"

Construction law: 4 star valuation in construction law "lighthouse practice group" construction law; "traditionally strong in construction law"; "strengths: close cooperation among the teams from various offices in real estate, construction law and public law"; "the law firm is predestined for covering the demand in the market for development projects as a result of the close linkage between real estate law, construction law and public law"

State aid: "The fact that GvW has worked in recent years intensively on internally networking the practice groups is paying off in the growing importance of matters involving state aid"; "intensive advice about state aid for research and development"; "dynamic development in advising on infrastructure projects"; "strengths: infrastructure topics"

China Desk: "Convincing team in the Germany-China business"; "traditionally strong in the Germany-China business in which the own office in Shanghai also plays a major role"; "very successful China practice"; "the Germany-China business is already established and recognized in the market, and GvW has again proven its competence in several transactions"

Energy: "Focus of advice on contract law"; "deep knowledge about infrastructure projects"; "GvW is especially strong in the interface to energy law in the area of digitalization"; "the energy practice group increasingly expands beyond its niche"

Corporate law: "Restructurings, business succession and increasingly disputes under corporate law are at the center of the activities"; "a high degree of ongoing advice"; large amount of international business"; "GvW has recently also expanded the advice for members of corporate boards"; "increase in questions involving the law governing foundations, which also involves lawyers in the field of public law"; "the law firm can provide its core clients one-stop shopping"

Real estate law: "The practice group regularly acquires new clients in real estate law in which the firm provides advice in transactions and landlord-tenant law.  The firm is also expanding its assets competence"; "competence in the hotel sector"; "strong in real estate transactions"; "strengths: close cooperation among the teams from different offices in real estate, construction and public law"; "the law firm is predestined for covering the demand in the market for development projects as a result of the close linkage between real estate law, construction law and public law"

Insolvency and restructuring: "Well placed in the material involving liability and setting aside transactions"; "numerous well-known managing directors, also founders of insolvent companies rely on the competent defense by GvW when millions are involved"

Information technology: "Many governmental agencies as clients"; "extended workbench for a number of in-house departments"; "GvW demonstrates that it is working on the future topic of digitalization"; "GvW is especially strong in the area of digitalization at the interface to energy law"; "large experience in IT public contracting"

Food: "Advice in the industry with corresponding, broad coverage"; "competence in IT law"

M&A: "Strengths: mid-size transactions often with an international connection. Own office in Shanghai"; "M&A practice of the mid-size firm is continuing its successful development from the previous years which is especially directed towards increasing internationalization of the practice"; "the Germany-China business, in which GvW has again shown its competence in several transactions, is already established and recognized in the market"; "the activity of the practice is growing in the relationship between Germany and Great Britain"

The press and free speech: "Intimate knowledge of the industry"; "experience with investigative reporting"

Development projects and construction of plants: "Intimate knowledge of the industry"; "high number of mandates in this field"; "many acquisitions involving plant construction"

Environmental and planning law: "Strengths: infrastructure projects, above all in road construction"; "the law firm continues to expand its advice in the area of large infrastructure projects for roads and aviation"; "especially a dynamic development most recently in advice in the aviation sector"; "issues involving planning law in the course of urban development projects provides a continuous volume for basic services"; "close connection to the own real estate and construction law attorneys in the firm"; "good contact to various public agencies"

Public contracting: "Great experience in the areas of IT and healthcare"; "the public contracting practice has a high level of experience in IT public contracting"; "several university clinics rely on GvW"; "strengths: good cooperation between the practice groups"; "GvW demonstrates excellent work for the client with the approach of increasing internal cooperation among the legal disciplines"

Traffic sector: "The law firm focuses in the traffic sector primarily on advice on construction and planning law for infrastructure projects"; "strengths: infrastructure projects, above all in road construction"; "the law firm continues to expand its advice in the case of large infrastructure projects in the areas of roads and aviation"; "the advice in the aviation sector has recently had a particularly dynamic development"; "good contact to various public agencies"

Distribution law: "The Hamburg team is especially visible"; "comprehensive advice especially on commercial agents, distributors and insurance distribution law"; "has advised well-known insurance companies for many years.  The know-how is also regularly of use in the law firm's M&A deals"; "numerous companies in the caravan industry rely on the team"; "increase in companies from foreign countries"; "increasingly active in international arbitration"


The Legal 500 Germany 2019

Foreign Trade Law: GvW is recommended as a top tier firm

State Aid and Subsidies: "Advises both agencies that grant state aid as well as recipients of state aid in legal aspects of state aid is especially active in related litigation"; "Active in the areas of research, real estate, infrastructure and increasingly also in the aviation sector"

Construction Law: "The emphasis on advice during the course of projects and representation of clients in disputed matters"; "Special expertise at the interface with public contracting law"

Data Protection: "Considered by clients to be an "ideal firm for mid-size industry"; "Very good knowledge about data protection topics"; "Very competent team"; "Excellent understanding of economic situations"; "The practice regularly acts as the external data protection officer and provides advice on data protection at the interface with IT security, compliance and classic IT law"

Commercial Law and Law on Distribution Systems: "Well developed team"; "Broad range of advice"; "Well known for advice on insurance distribution law"; "Regularly mandated by well-known insurance companies in disputes"

Real Estate Law: "Excellent and very well informed real estate law practice"; "Increasingly represents family offices and individual investors in transactions and development projects"; "A special strength lies in the area of asset class hotels and leisure"

IT: "The competence and understanding of the own practice raises the firm above others"; "Very good knowledge about the IT industry"; "Covers a broad range of topics: from IT to AI and the field of digitalization"; "Increasing active in providing advice in the public law sector"

Tax Law: "In addition to advice on inheritance tax, the main areas lie above all in the reorganization of parts of businesses, external tax audits and providing tax advice in M&A deals"

Environmental Law and Planning: "The environmental law and planning practice at GvW has an emphasis on infrastructure proceedings and advises especially on issues involving Autobahns and airports. The expertise of the team in environmental law includes, among other areas, protection of species, protection of nature and water management law"

Public contracting: The health-care and IT fields are at the center of public contracting law at GvW; "Comprehensive advice on public contracting procedures and subsequent examination procedures"



Insgesamt wird die Kanzlei in diesen 21 Fachbereichen empfohlen:  Aktien- und Konzernrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Arzneimittelrecht, Außenhandel & Exportkontrolle, Datenschutzrecht, Energiewirtschaftsrecht, Europa- & Internationales Recht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Immobilien- & Baurecht, IT-Recht, Kapitalmarktrecht, Kartellrecht, M&A, Öffentliches Baurecht, Öffentliches Recht, Produkthaftung, Steuerrecht, Transport- & Logistikrecht, Umweltrecht sowie Vertragsrecht.


JUVE Handbook 2018 Tax

The only law firm with a 5-star valuation in the area of customs and excise taxes; "The practice is the non-plus-ultra in advice on customs and excise taxes"; "No other law firm provides such comprehensive advice and is frequently represented before German and international courts in proceedings, also for clarifying fundamental questions"; recommendations also for the areas of corporate taxes and transaction taxes.


Best Lawyers recommends GvW-lawyers

Best Lawyers 2018 recommends GvW lawyers from the fields of employment law, foreign trade law, construction law, corporate law, intellectual property law, real estate law, IT law, M&A, media and copyright law, public business law and public private partnership.


Auszeichnung für GvW Graf von Westphalen als beste mittelständische Kanzlei für das Referendariat

GvW Graf von Westphalen ist der beste Arbeitgeber für Referendare in der Kategorie mittelständische Kanzleien. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer Umfrage unter Referendaren, Absolventen, Studierenden und Arbeitgebern, die das Portal IURRATIO Jobs in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal durchgeführt hat (mehr)


JUVE Handbook 2017/2018

Recommendations/strengths: employment law, foreign trade, state aide, banking, compliance, energy industry, corporate law, real estate law, insolvency and restructuring, IT including data protection, capital markets law, antitrust law, food law, M&A, law governing the press and free speech, private equity/venture capital, private construction law, development projects and plant construction, environment and planning, public contracting law, constitutional and administrative law, traffic systems, insurance law, distribution systems

Law firm: "GvW Graf von Westphalen has continuously implemented the cultural change in the last years." "The firm has had success with its clear strategy and lean cost structures and is considered by some very well-known clients to be an interesting alternative to large law firms." "The team oriented approach to providing advice which the management of Dr.°Robert Theissen and Christof Kleinmann has massively developed is now paying off. The practice groups work closely together today without the law firm having given up the strong degree of specialization within the team." "The referral business within the practice groups also leads to other practice areas again being able to further develop, in addition to the well-known practice areas of foreign trade, real estate and construction law."

Employment law: "Well-known" employment law practice. "The employment law practice has reached a size, in the meantime, which permits it to have a greater degree of specialization." The "focus" on data protection is "increasing".

Foreign trade and customs: The law firm "leads" in foreign trade law. GvW is the unchallenged number 1 in the ranking. It is the only law firm recommended under the general heading Compliance (foreign trade, export controls, customs compliance). "Well-known and highly specialized team". "Hardly any law firm succeeds so well in covering foreign trade law in the entire range of all areas and addressing new topics, such as e.g. digitalization in cross-border trade." "The firm succeeds in addressing current topics such as the easing of the Iran embargo and the growing need for compliance in customs law and providing clients comprehensive advice on these matters." "Increasing customs and export law compliance"; "Advises well-known clients on issues of customs law and consumption tax law just as is the case with export and investment controls, sanctions and free trade treaties." "Clients as well as competitors regularly express praise for the foreign trade lawyers."

State aid law: "Recommended" practice; "Was again able to succeed in several client-bidding procedures." "Special competence": Advice for research institutions; "Strength": infrastructure matters

China Practice: "Convincing team" in German-Chinese business; "well established" China Desk. "The transaction business is now much more strongly characterized by international mandates, above all as a result of the strong Shanghai office."

Energy: "Well-known" law firm; "specifically uses the existing competence from the industry expertise and IT and data protection law in the energy sector, as a result of which the firm was recently able to obtain various mandates concerning digitalization in the energy sector." "Advises clients on the development of new business models." "Increasing advice in energy and infrastructure projects."

Corporate law: "Recommended" law firm; "The corporate practice has succeeded in expanding its business internationally and moving to a higher level." "A lot of ongoing advice"; "increasing advice on disputes in corporate law"; "high portion of international business"; GvW occupies "an important niche which can only be serviced by a few competitors with its advice for state-owned companies."

Real estate law: "Well-known" law firm; "dynamic development"; "major practice area" for the law firm; "broad based advice: transactions, asset management and development projects play a major role." "Strengths": Real estate transactions; "Involved in numerous mandates which involve not just multiple offices, but also different practice areas." "Cooperates well with the public law practice." "Advice in a number of currently high-demand forward deals."

Infrastructure and the public sector: "Well respected" law firm in the traffic sector; "clear experience in public law and in public private partnership projects." "Especially gained recognition for the firm in infrastructure matters." "Increasing advice in energy and infrastructure projects." "The expert opinion for the Federal Traffic Ministry on reforming the federal contract administration was very well received." "Strengths": Infrastructure projects

Insolvency and restructuring: "Well-known" law firm; "Strong insolvency practice"; emphasis: litigation and out-of-court negotiation of claims involving the setting aside of transactions in the context of insolvency." "Cases having a total volume of many 100 million Euros show how much insolvency administrators as well as insurers and corporate groups have a demand for the expertise above all from the Munich office."

IT/data protection: "Well-respected" law firm. "It has grown with new, well-known clients." It has "made a name for itself in advising governmental agencies especially in IT public contract proceedings." "The team also acts digitalization of government administration." "Advice in the context of the European Data Protection Regulation has also grown for GvW." The law firm demonstrates its abilities for foreign clients.

Food: "Well-respected" practice; known for "intense activity for producers of grains, feed products and poultry." "In the capacities in advising the food industry in foreign trade law."

M&A, private equity/venture capital: "Recommended" practice. "The law firm is raising its business step-by-step to a higher level." "The transaction business is now much more strongly characterized by international mandates." "The law firm has been involved in a large number of small and mid-cap deals for its core client base, the higher level in German mid-size industry." "The basis of success is the intensified cooperation between practice groups and different offices throughout the entire law firm."

Law governing the press and free expression: "Well-respected practice"; advising on communications for companies in the crisis has given the law firm a continuous flow of business." "Well positioned on the side of the affected parties."

Private construction law: "Frequently recommended" law firm; "dynamic development"; "flagship practice area for the law firm." "Recognized construction law practice with a strong focus on advice in projects." "Comprehensive approach to advice, advice during projects both for contractors as well as customers. Developed litigation practice, especially for contractors. Also international projects." "Has advised the greatest number of its clients already for many years." "Well functioning cooperation with the public law and real estate practices." "Increasing advice for energy and infrastructure projects."

Environmental and planning law: "Recommended" practice; "maintains good contact with various public authorities." "Especially gained attention again in infrastructure matters." "Dynamic development"; "Cooperates well with the real estate practice." "Strengths": Infrastructure projects

Constitutional and administrative law: "Well-respected" practice; "well-developed experience in public law." "Regularly involved in matters of election law."

Public contracting law: "Recommended" law firm. "Succeeded several times against the competitors in competition for mandates from governmental agencies." "Closely coordinated advice in various practice areas." "Lean cost structure"; "The team at GvW is successful both compared to boutiques as well as large law firms." "Many years of experience in IT public contracting." "Firmly established in the healthcare industry."

Distribution law: "Well-known" law firm for distribution systems and franchising law. "Above all, well-known insurance companies as well as the trailer and recreation vehicle industry have relied on the know-how in the distribution law practice for many years." "Very solid knowledge". "Regularly active in international arbitration proceedings in cross-border mandates." 


The Legal 500 Deutschland 2018

Foreign trade law: „A strength in the firm”, „regularly mandated on all issues involving customs and export law” 

Construction law: „GvW focuses above all on advice during the course of projects and representing its clients in disputes" 

Commercial law and law on distribution systems: „Excellent work, fast reaction times and high professional competence”, „active in international arbitration”  

Real estate law: „GvW emphasizes in its practice institutional clients, family offices and individual investors who are increasingly interested in development projects and the hotel industry, in addition to conventional purchasing and selling of real estate”

Information technology: „National and international companies as well as governmental agencies profit from GvW's good service level in both classic IT matters as well as advice on topics under Industry 4.0” 

Tax law: „GvW's handling of matters involves close cooperation with the corporate law team which results especially in tax advice during transactions, including real estate transactions and the classic M&A business.  The services in restructurings and follow-up matters complement the range of services”

Environmental and planning law: „GvW is considered to be excellent because professional, thorough and customized advice is a matter of course and the attorneys take time for the clients and also pay attention to the respective industry and the implications with regard to the public”

Public contracting law: „GvW has had particular success in the fields of healthcare and IT”, „many charitable organizations in the field of healthcare having a high level of importance have become new clients”


The Lawyer European Awards 2017

The international industry magazine The Lawyer has again nominated GvW Graf von Westphalen in the context of the “The Lawyer European Awards 2018“ as Law Firm of the Year/Germany more


JUVE nominates GvW “Law Firm of the Year“ in two Categories

GvW Graf von Westphalen has been nominated “Law Firm of the Year” by German legal journal JUVE and has also received a nomination in the category “Regulated Industries”. more


Kanzleimonitor 2017/2018

GvW is one of the law firms most frequently recommended by lawyers in corporate legal departments.

The attorneys in the firm are listed in the fields of employment law, pharmaceuticals law, foreign trade and export controls, data protection law, European and international law, corporate law, intellectual property rights, real estate and construction law, insolvency, IT law, antitrust law, M&A, public development law, public law, product liability, tax law, transport and logistics, environmental law as well as contract law.

PMN Management Award 2017

Two awards at the PMN Management Awards 2017 for the GvW Start-up Team and the GvW Video Blog.


Legal Tribune Online


GvW Graf von Westphalen zählt zu den Top-Arbeitgebern bei den Großkanzleien. mehr



JUVE Handbook 2016/2017

Recommendations/strengths: employment law, foreign trade, state aid, banking, compliance, energy industry, corporate law, real estate and private construction law (incl. commercial leases, real estate transactions and notarial services, insolvency and restructuring, IT (incl. data protection), capital markets law, antitrust law, food regulation law, M&A, law of the press and free speech, private equity/venture capital, project development and plant construction, environment and planning, public contracting, constitutional and administrative law, distribution systems.

Law firm: The management under the lead of Christof Kleinmann and Dr. Robert Theissen, which is already successfully leading the law firm in the fourth term of office, has started an "upward spiral" with its "team oriented approach"; "hardly any law firm has experienced in recent years such a major change in its corporate culture as has GvW“; "lean cost structure"

Employment law: "The employment law practice is continuing to increase its presence at the individual offices“; "The strong development of reputation in the employment law practice means that the attorneys have been able to prove themselves to new clients"

Foreign trade and customs: GvW is for the first time the unchallenged number 1 in the ranking; the only law firm recommended under the general heading of "compliance" (foreign trade, export control, customs compliance); the "leading" law firm in foreign trade law; "very well positioned"; "well-known foreign trade practice"; "The team was again able to demonstrate its capabilities to well-known clients“; GvW "is marked, among other aspects, by the high degree of specialization, established contact with public authorities, experience before the courts and the international network“; Dr. Lothar Harings, Marian Niestedt and Dr. Gerd Schwendinger "are very respected"

State aid law: GvW has "established a reputation" in this field; "Remarkable success in litigation" for the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia; "Dr. Gerd Schwendinger has succeeded increasingly in establishing an emphasis on the public contracting in real estate practice using internal networking"

China Desk: "GvW has established an active China practice which continuously advises on investments going in both directions“; The German-Chinese practice is one of the "more established practices in the market“; "Strong" China Desk; "Successful" China practice; "Convincing team" in the German-Chinese practice; China Office "was able to obtain a substantial deal volume last year"

Energy: "The law firm continues to develop the energy practice in its various offices“; The field is developing "well“; "New strengths": M&A and advice on financing in the field of renewable energies; "Advice increasingly in demand for energy and infrastructure projects“; Corporate Law: "increased specialization“; "GvW has been included for the first time in the lists of preferred firms in some major German corporate group“; "Emphasis on companies in the upper mid-levels of industry which are internationally active“; "A high level of ongoing advice“; "Increasing involvement in disputes involving corporate law"

Real estate law and Construction Law "Well-developed litigation practice“; "Increasing focus on alternative dispute resolution“; "Comprehensive approach to providing advice“; "Well established in development projects“; "Recognized construction law practice with a high degree of focus on project consulting“; "Increasing growth in the practice for energy and infrastructure projects“; "International projects“; "Strengths:" Real estate transactions

Insolvency and restructuring: "Increased, noticeable presence in defending against claims asserting liability or setting aside transactions in the context of insolvency“; "Many former board members entrust their defense to the law firm“; "The expertise and the personal dedication of the partners is in demand also by well-known insolvency administrators and D&O insurers"

IT/data protection: "Strong interface with public contracting law“; "Was able to develop the practice for governmental agencies, for example, in connection with the implementation of the e-Government statutes“; "The team also is increasingly retained for advice on IT law with the team's knowledge of the healthcare sector"

M&A, private equity/venture capital: "Increasing levels of cross-border work“; "Strengths: mid-size transactions often with international aspects“; "Regular transaction flow“; "The number of venture capital transactions has also been increasing for the last 2-3 years“; "Law firm would not have been considered as a genuine option for M&A lateral hires just a few years ago“; "Simply stated: The current M&A practice can hardly be compared to the practice as it existed just a few years ago"

Public commercial law: "Well-known public law practice“; "Extensive experience in infrastructure projects“; "The law firm gained high level new mandates in the area of infrastructure projects“; "GvW recently succeeded in the field of development planning law "to intensify the relationships to existing clients“; "The current refugee issues have also resulted in new business for GvW“; "GvW has especially competency in issues concerning election law"

Law of the press and free speech: "Firm position established on the side of the affected party“; "Regularly represents companies in the area of communication in a crisis"

Public procurement law: "The law firm recently again demonstrated its high level of competency in IT public contracting in the subsequent examination proceedings involving virus protection software in connection with the application of the no-spy directive“; "Strengths: good cooperation among the practice groups“; "Well-known advisor for hospitals"

Law on distribution systems: "Excellent reputation" of Raimond Emde, "regularly covered with praise" by competitors and clients, above all, due to his "comprehensive knowledge“; "Special expertise in distribution law for insurance companies“; "He has succeeded in continuing to develop the cross-border advice“; "Regularly also involved in international arbitration proceedings“; "Strong specialization" on the part of the distribution law attorneys at GvW 


The Legal 500 Deutschland 2017

Construction law: The construction law team at GvW consists of "recognized experts".

Commercial law and law on distribution systems: GvW conducts very many international arbitration proceedings, for example, on claims for compensation upon termination, with a special emphasis in the representation of Turkish trading companies. Specialized knowledge exists in advising producers of travel vans and trailers on the law of governing distribution systems. 

Real estate law: The "experienced" team at GvW is "professional and flexible" in real estate law. 

IT: Four German offices of GvW provide advice for the entire range of IT-relevant issues and, in addition to classic IT topics such as software and hardware, cloud computing and complex IT projects, GVW is especially frequently active at the interface to intellectual property law and public contracting and compliance. The practice group consisting of nine partners has been able to further expand the industrial focus to health care in 2016.

Tax law: GvW is active especially in transactional advice and restructurings.

Environmental and planning law: The infrastructure sector has again gained importance at GvW as a result of matters in several prominent projects.

Public procurement law: GvW is traditionally strong in the award of construction contracts, where the team is recognized for its "excellent specialized knowledge". Public contracting in the health care industry is also a focus, whereby there is specialized expertise in the field of procurements for emergency services. University clinics from throughout Germany mandate the firm. Public contracting in the field of IT is also a major practice area.

The Lawyer European Awards 2017

The international industry magazine The Lawyer has again nominated GvW Graf von Westphalen in the context of the “The Lawyer European Awards 2017“ as Law Firm of the Year/Germany more


Kanzleimonitor 2015/2016

GvW zählt zu den Kanzleien, die von Unternehmensjuristen am häufigsten empfohlen werden. Laut dem aktuellen Ranking kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016 hat die Kanzlei im Vergleich zum Vorjahr weitere 14 Plätze gut gemacht und liegt im Gesamtranking jetzt auf Platz 27.

Genannt werden die Anwälte der Kanzlei in den Bereichen Aktien- & Konzernrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Außenhandel & Exportkontrolle, Europa- & Internationales Recht, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Insolvenzrecht & Insolvenzverwaltung, IT-Recht, Kartellrecht, Litigation & ADR, Öffentliches Recht, Produkthaftung, Steuerrecht, Strafrecht, Transport- & Logistikrecht sowie Vertragsrecht.


Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers recommends GvW-Lawyers

GvW Graf von Westphalen is recommended by Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers 2017 in the fields of Construction, Corporate/M&A, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment Law, Media Law and Real Estate.


Chambers recommends GvW Graf von Westphalen

GvW Graf von Westphalen is recommended by Chambers Europe 2016 for Commercial Contracts, Corporate / M&A mid-market and Projects: Construction


The Lawyer European Awards 2016

The international industry magazine The Lawyer has nominated GvW Graf von Westphalen in the context of the “The Lawyer European Awards 2016“ as Law Firm of the Year/Germany more


Focus Spezial - Germanys Top-Lawyers 2016

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for labour, corporate and commercial law


Legal Tribune Online

GvW Graf von Westphalen expands its lead as the most popular "mid-size" law firm

GvW Graf von Westphalen remains the most popular mid-size law firm in Germany. According to the LTO Young Professionals Survey 2016 published today, most young lawyers who decide to join a mid-size law firm would most like to work for GvW.


Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016

Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016 confirms GvW Graf von Westphalens top-position as most popular midsize law firm more


At this years PMN Awards 2016 GvW Graf von Westphalen ranked third in category Business Development with project Achtundzwanzig (twentyeight) .


JUVE Handbook 2015/2016

Firm: „The culture change is done, the locations and practice groups have moved closer together.”

China Desk: “the German-Chinese practice which has recently become increasingly visible”; “In- and outbound business is developing successfully”; “good connections with Chinese investors”

Corporate law: “Corporate practice continues to be characterized by its international focus”; “takes its first steps towards the expansion of the work for municipal busi-nesses”; “focus on sophisticated SMEs with international business”; “a lot of ongoing advice”; “increasingly corporate law disputes”

M&A: Continues “its strategy towards an even higher degree of specialization”; “in addition to corporate law advice, the firm more frequently advises its predominantly SME long-term clients on midcap transactions with an international element”; “Ger-man-Chinese practice which has recently become increasingly visible”

Customs and Foreign Trade Law: “Flagship”; “market-leading foreign trade practice in Germany”; “The team around Dr Lothar Harings enjoys an excellent reputation in the market, professionally as well as also for the strategic expansion of the practice group which has been pursued for years”; “profound expertise, a lot of practical ex-perience - unsurpassed” (client); “The younger partners Marian Niestedt and Dr Gerd Schwendinger have also earned a lot of respect in the meantime and provide the team with a broad thematic range”; “particularly pleasant personal and professional atmosphere” during the cooperation (client)

Distribution Law: “very specialized” distribution law competence; “hardly anyone has such profound distribution law expertise”; “increasingly in demand also for arbitration proceedings”, competitor: “very profound knowledge” (Emde)

IT: The practice around Stephan Menzemer who is frequently recommended “would have further advanced the development of the aspiring practice”; “focus on classic IT law (in particular system implementations, software license and development agreements); “a lot of experience in IT procurement”

Press law and right of free speech: “Consequently positioned on the side of the party concerned”; “regularly represents companies regarding crisis communication”

Employment: The employment practice “continued to constantly develop also last year” (“very competent”); “dealing with several larger downsizing measures”

Real Estate Law and Construction Law “As a result of the close cooperation of the two teams (meant here: public and private construction law) and the competence in real estate law, the firm positions itself increasingly better for project developments”; “reputable construction law practice with strong focus on project advice”; “exceptional boom as a result of specialized advice on new hotel projects”; “most recently advised a num-ber of foreign investors on additional purchases and in parallel continuously expands its advice for instance in asset management”; “traditionally strong real estate law practice”; “comprehensive advisory approach”; “pronounced litigation practice”; “international projects”

Energy: “established practice at the interface to public law”; “known for a focus on the energy industry”; “good networks to German SMEs and international competence”

Public Commercial Law: the public-commercial practice “again convinced on the advice in the infrastructure field”; “combines top-level special expertise in advising public authorities and private companies”;
Environmental and Planning Law: “Close cooperation with the real estate lawyers pays off” / the practice “could further expand its business”; “experience in EU and food law”; esteemed practice in constitutional and commercial administrative law which “is regularly active concerning issues in connection with electoral procedures”; State Aid and Subsidies Law: “Recommended practice”

Procurement Law: The team “could significantly increase its perception in the mar-ket” and “could concurrently expand its expertise”; “strong specialization which in the meantime is clearly perceived in the market”; “extensive experience in IT procurement”; “further strengthened special field health”/”proven advisors of hospitals, pharmacies and medical practitioners”


The Legal 500 Germany 2016

Real Estate Law: Graf von Westphalen’s ‘solution-oriented’ team offers „fast processing, economic understanding, very good industry knowledge and an adequate fee level"

IT (including contracts): In the context of the IP and IT practice group, Graf von Westphalen mainly supports medium-sized clients across the entire range of classic IT law and complements extensive expertise by „flexibility, short processing times" and „specialized advice which benefits from the structures of a large national law firm with excellent international business"

Environmental and Planning Law: Graf von Westphalen has strong planning law expertise and often advises on urban development projects. The team is characterized by extensive experience in adversarial proceedings and expert knowledge in foodstuff and animal husbandry issues

Public Procurement: Graf von Westphalen’s team is described as „goal-oriented and professional"

Commercial Law Disputes: For Graf von Westphalen, „processing times, business acumen, industry knowledge as well as team effort and broadness of range of experience" are assessed particularly positively

There are additional recommendations for GvW in the fields construction law, PPP and tax law  


Kanzleimonitor 2015/2016

GvW is among the law firms which are most frequently recommended by in-house counsels. According to the current ranking kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016, the firm has improved its standing by another 14 places in comparison to the previous year and now ranks 27th.

The firm’s lawyers are mentioned in the fields stocks and corporate law, employment law, foreign trade & export control, European and international law, industrial property rights, insolvency law & insolvency administration, IT law, antitrust law, litigation and ADR, public law, product liability, tax law, criminal law, transport & logistics law as well as contracts law.


Chambers names GvW network SCG Legal the top network of attorneys in USA

The GvW network SCG Legal is the top network of attorneys in the US according to Chambers, the leading international handbook for commercial law firms in its current edition 2015. more


Focus Spezial - Germanys Top-Lawyers

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for labour, corporate and commercial law


PMN Management Award 

GvW & JuS win PMN Managemant Award, Category "HR Marketing" with "Probeexamen" GvW Press Release (german)


azur-Award Referendariat und Praktikum

GvW Graf von Westphalen nominiert für den azur-Award 2016 Referendariat und Praktikum  mehr


Acquisition International

Real Estate Law Firm of the Year 2011 and 2012


JUVE Handbook 2014/2015

Recommendations/Strengths: Employment law; foreign trade; banking law; state aid and subsidies law; corporate law; real estate and private construction law (including commercial tenancy law and notary services); insolvency administration; IT; capital investment processes; capital markets law; antitrust law; food law; M&A; PPP and project finance; media and the right of free speech; projects/plant engineering and construction; environment and planning; constitutional and administrative law; procurement; distribution systems

Corporate law: “Main focus on sophisticated SMEs with international focus. A lot of ongoing legal advice. More and more corporate law disputes. High share in the international business”; “Aspiring corporate team”; “In the meantime, GvW more frequently manages to fish in the waters of significantly larger competitors”

M&A: The M&A practice “continuously expedites its specialization” and focusses “more strongly on business relating to BRIC countries”; Strengths: “medium-sized transactions often with international orientation”

Employment law: “Present” practice; “good integration of the employment law specialists into the overall firm”; “some extensive mandates provided another boost”

IP, IT and Media: “Esteemed practices” in IT: contracts/litigation as well as press law and right of free speech

Real Estate Law and Construction Law “Esteemed construction law practice with strong focus on project development”; “In particular in project development, GvW is showing more profile due to the good cooperation across locations and practices”; “Pronounced litigation practice”; Strengths: Real estate transactions; “Established competence” regarding hotel projects

Public commercial law: “Recommended” firm in state aid and subsidies law, environment and planning law and in procurement law”; “Esteemed practices” in food law as well as constitutional and commercial administrative law; “Top-class specialized expertise for advising public authorities and private companies” in the field restructuring/PPP and project finance

Foreign trade and customs law: Is turning into “a kind of lighthouse practice of the firm, which is also on the radar of leading corporate groups, due to the excellent reputation and the high level of specialization”. “Market leading foreign trade law practice”

China: “GvW has in the meantime acquired a position in the China business which makes it increasingly interesting also for renowned German companies”; “Well-positioned in the German-Chinese business” 

Healthcare: “Proven advisors for hospitals, pharmacies and physicians”


Legal 500: Germany 2014/2015

Construction Law: “Main focus” project development

Real Estate Law: GvW’s real estate lawyers are highly regarded for their “excellent legal advice”

IT: GvW offers advice “always in quality”. “Team range and depth of specialization were significantly improved once more”

M&A: “Excellent” advice; the M&A practice could be “firmly established” with additional medium-sized transactions

Litigation: GvW’s litigation group is “very well-positioned” and can therefore cover issues like product liability, distribution law and D&O liability

Tax law: In addition to transaction planning, the team around the “very highly regarded Frank Tschesche” also advises on topics concerning tax optimization, succession planning, on audits and tax disputes

Environmental and planning law: GvW’s “team across office locations” is called into action in the context of real estate transactions, project development in Germany and abroad, providing advice to foreign investors, municipal enterprises and Federal governments

Procurement law/PPP: “Remarkable competence regarding PPP”; “remarkable competence concerning emergency services”; close cooperation with the associated fields contracts law, subsidies and compliance


Kanzleimonitor.de 2014/2015

GvW is among the law firms which are most frequently recommended by corporate lawyers.

Recommendations: Labour Law, Foreign Trade & Export Control, Europe & International Law, Real Estate & Construction Law, Litigation & ADR, Public Law, Product Liability, Criminal Law, Transport & Logistics Law, Contracts Law.


Focus Spezial - Germany's Top-Lawyers 2014 

GvW Graf von Westphalen is "recommended by collegues and clients" for Labour Law and Real Estate Law.


JUVE Handbook 2013/2014

Firm: The firm is “still among the aspiring law firms”. In future, the firm will “draw even more attention”

M&A: The firm has “continued last year’s positive development and again increased the volume of advised transactions”. “For the M&A specialists, deals with a three-digit million volume are no longer a rarity”

Corporate Law: “The firm has made it on the advisors’ lists of some renowned clients”. The litigation practice of the firm has “added highlights”

Labour Law: “The team has again proved its strength”

Construction Law and Real Estate Law: “In general, the team developed more dynamically than many competitors”. The practice is regarded as “having set an example within the firm, with regard to a cooperation that spans locations and practice groups”

Public Commercial Law: the public law practice “could build on last year’s success”

Foreign Trade and Customs Law: The team is “not just highly regarded, but consistently manages to include lateral recruits into the practice”. The customs and foreign trade law specialists at GvW “continue to improve, also according to competitors”



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