Climate and environmental protection

Travel to meet clients

How can we as a law firm contribute to reducing CO2 emissions? Our biggest CO2 contributor is air travel. GvW – and not just since corona – has initiated various measures to minimise domestic and international flights:

If a flight cannot be avoided, we offset the carbon footprint caused by means of a donation to the “atmosfair” climate protection organisation. Clearly, emission compensation is not a “silver bullet” solution, but reducing CO2 emissions is basically a must. And if we can use our air miles to fund climate protection projects in developing countries, we make a sensible contribution.



Travel to and from the workplace

We are prioritising and incentivising bicycles and public transport as the preferred commute. Through a deferred compensation scheme, GvW provides everyone with a JobRad bicycle, and under the Jobticket scheme, we also cover the costs of public transport for our non-legal employees.



At the office

100% of the electricity demand at all our offices is covered by green electricity. Here, we use the Natürlich Grün, a provider which sources electricity directly from the producers, i.e. from the operators of windmills, solar farms, hydropower plants and biogas plants: