Development Projects

We know commercial landlord-tenant law and private construction law, real estate transactions as asset deals or share deals, and we are notaries and insolvency specialists. We understand real estate financing and environmental and planning law. We are comfortable in the "cross-border" environment and in the German law on fees for engineers and architects.  

We know how security must be structured in construction or lease agreements, in order to meet the requirements and expectations of the financer. We structure real estate transactions so that real property on which the buildings so far only exist as draft planning on CAD are already leased out, bridge financed and sold to an end-investor before the first bulldozer arriver on site. We create the right to build which stands up to critical review by financing banks during the due diligence examination.

Advice on development projects requires, on the one hand, comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the various individual disciplines in real estate law due to the interaction of all topics in real estate and construction law. On the other hand, knowledge and understanding of the economic relationships and the calculation of projects as well as a sense for the interfaces in the interaction of the various participants in a development project is absolutely essential. We cover both aspects for our clients.

We have proven in projects of every size that we understand the extremely economic demanding aspects of project development and that our legal services, with good ideas and a sense for what is "feasible", fit precisely in this production process.

Our main areas of services:


Establishing property holding companies

Loan agreements for financing

Purchasing property

Establishing the right to construct

Construction of the property

Asset Management

Sale of the property

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