Energy Law

Strong regulatory practice to support the transformation of the energy sector

Ensuring energy supplies and tackling climate change – these are the main challenges facing the energy sector today. Investments in renewable energy sources and the use of new technologies are rapidly growing in importance. Nevertheless, a quick and reliable legal framework is just as important for stakeholders looking to seize the opportunities of the energy transition.

Energy law comprises complex rules of national and international law and is subject to continuous change. This makes it even more important to know the potential legal pitfalls and to stay up to date through continuous project work. GvW is able to offer both because the members of our Energy Law practice group have specialised exclusively in energy management law for many years. We support our clients by offering them a dedicated contact who works with them to solve any issues their company might face throughout a project. With a headcount of now over 200 lawyers, we are also able to offer specialist services in related areas of law in case the need arises.

Core areas of our work

Development and operation of power generation projects

Regulation of electricity, gas and hydrogen networks

Approval and construction of energy lines

Energy distribution and trading

Law of renewable energy

District heating law

Energy sector transactions and projects


Hydrogen Digital business models

Energy contract law (including the German laws governing general terms and conditions)

Public procurement in the energy sector

Antitrust law in the energy sector

Energy taxation law

Energy taxation law and radiation protection law (incl. deconstruction of facilities, temporary and final disposal)


We offer advice along the entire value chain

Our lawyers advise all businesses that are governed by the framework of energy law. This is no longer confined to the usual energy producing, energy supply and energy trading companies. GvW’s special expertise and industry experience is in high demand not only from manufacturing industrial companies but also from companies in high-energy sectors such as the real estate or mobility sectors. Moreover, our firm counts many cities and municipalities among its clients.

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