Hydrogen will be a vital source of energy in the future because it is a fuel and an energy storage solution at the same time. If produced from green sources, it is CO2-neutral and could therefore contribute significantly to decarbonising the generation of energy. Developments in science and technology are moving fast to make the industrial generation and use of hydrogen competitive. While the Government seeks to speed up this process by making available large funding programmes, the legal framework for the use of hydrogen is still incomplete.
A whole new hydrogen sector with many players is emerging. Providers of new technology and operators of electrolysis, grid and transportation infrastructure are already or are becoming active in the market. Those who succeed in taking advantage of the new legal framework or know how to tweak it to suit their business will thus gain a competitive advantage. 
Our lawyers can guide you through these challenges. Our interdisciplinary team provides advice on all legal matters regarding the protection of intellectual property during the process of establishing and trialling new technologies and along the entire value-added chain in the production, classification and sale, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen.


  • Hydrogen production
  • Protection of intellectual property and structuring of R&D cooperation schemes
  • Supply and service contracts
  • Approvals of production facilities
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  • Hydrogen transportation and storage
  • Construction and operation of hydrogen networks and storage facilities
  • Plant safety
  • Regulatory matters
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  • Use of hydrogen
  • Grant of privileges in the transition to hydrogen as a source of energy
  • Structuring of R&D cooperation schemes
  • Safety requirements
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