Wirtschaftskanzlei Graf von Westphalen

Dr Christian Triebe

Lawyer, Accredited Specialist in Copyright and Media Law, Accredited Specialist in Intellectual Property Rights

Dr Christian Triebe is a member of the TMC/IP practice group and works extensively in the field of copyright, competition law and intellectual property law. He specialises in digitalisation issues. In this context, Dr Triebe acts in an advisory and expert capacity as well as in contentious proceedings, such as on the scope of protection of software, algorithms and data as well as related licensing issues, use in connection with AI, text and data mining, reverse engineering as well as IT security and know-how protection with reference to copyright and trade secret protection.



GvW Graf von Westphalen
Poststrasse 9 – Alte Post
20354 Hamburg


Research associate and lawyer at international law firms 


Studied in Marburg, Salzburg, Munich and Münster; internship at Supreme Court of Berlin, Unterfoehring and Bucharest


Lecturer at the Cyber Law Clinic (University of Hamburg) for Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Media Law


Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht e.V. (GRUR) [German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright]; Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geistiges Eigentum & Medien im DAV (AGEM) [German Bar Association Committee for Intellectual Property and Media]


German, English