26 June 2023 Press releases

GvW is committed to sustainable business

GvW enshrines principle of sustainable management in the firm’s articles of association, integrating sustainability into its corporate strategy. At their Partners meeting of 28 April 2023, the GvW Partners adopted a resolution to include the following wording into the firm’s articles of association:

“The Partners of the firm are very conscious of their social responsibility as actors in the administration of justice and take this role very seriously. Therefore, the firm and its Partners are committed to the principle of sustainable management. As a firm, we are guided in all our actions not only by economic and ecological factors but also by our social responsibility.”

This added wording is a clear statement and sets the firm on a straight course towards transformation into a sustainable, modern law firm.

“Taking social responsibility has long been part of our DNA. However, we believe that only a holistic sustainability approach can lead our firm into a successful future.“ explain Managing Partners Robert Theissen and Christof Kleinmann.

GvW took the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve human lives and protect the environment globally as a basis for the amendment to its articles of association. “The 17 Sustainable Development Goals comprise economic, ecological and social aspects (ESG) and mark the starting point of GvW’s sustainability policy.” commented Dr Annika Bleier, GvW Head of ESG & Sustainability. The firm’s recently expanded ESG & Sustainability team is currently working with the company right. based on science, a climate-change startup, to prepare a climate impact report and define a clear path to CO2 reduction. At the same time, a cross locational team of GvW employees at all levels is working on a code of conduct that is set to be completed in time for the celebration of the firm’s 75-year anniversary this year. Svenja Spranger, GvW’s new Head of People, adds proudly: “There’s clearly a lot going on.” While building and developing GvW’s HR Department for the future, she is also working with our ESG and Diversity teams to embed sustainability even more into the firm’s HR policy.

As Christof Kleinmann and Robert Theissen conclude: “There is no doubt a lot left to be done. Our pledge to sustainability requires all of us to rethink our whole way of doing things and is very far reaching. But we have set off on our way and feel the energy and pioneering spirit of our people.”

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