Finally, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, our team is very experienced as regards the legal particularities relating to airlines. Amongst others, we provide advice on employment law aspects, on individual employment law but also on complex disputes under collective law and even industrial disputes.

Apart therefrom, we work as an integrated team with our insolvency law experts on the specific issues associated with airlines and have gained extensive practical experience in this respect, which also proves very helpful when we advise on mergers and acquisitions.

The legal issues that arise in connection with airports find their mirror image in the requirement of airlines to lawfully design their access rights and related fees and to have them legally reviewed, as the case may be.

In doing so, we in particular also combine our state aid and subsidies expertise with our experience in procurement law.

Finally, our broad practical experience as regards the representation of airlines in connection with air passenger rights constitutes a special feature of our practice.

Our Focus Areas:

Employment Law, including Collective Employment Law

Air Passenger Rights

Insolvency Law

Corporate Law

Mergers & Acquisitions