Single source advice during a crisis

There can also be bad times in the life of a company.  We provide services starting at the first indications of a crisis in a company.  We represent either the interests of the actual company that is in crisis, its management, the shareholders or business partners and creditors.

Advice on restructuring is often complex and requires knowledge in a wide range of areas of the law. Advice in a crisis involving corporate law, finance, labor law, tax law and capital markets law is part of our daily business in a restructuring.  GvW Graf von Westphalen, as a full service law firm, provides practiced and experienced teams which competently handle all issues in a restructuring scenario under extreme time pressure.

Our main services for restructuring

Restructuring of companies 

Representation of creditors, shareholders and business partners of companies in a crisis and in insolvency 

Purchasing and selling companies in a crisis and insolvency (distressed M&A) 

Advice on real estate in a crisis and insolvency 

Insolvency litigation and liability during a crisis and in insolvency 

Criminal insolvency law 

Cross-border restructuring

We advise comprehensively in cross-border restructurings.  We work in a team with our partner law firms in foreign countries and maintain close relationships to international restructuring consulting firms throughout the world.  Our clients profit from having one contact partner locally who provides central coordination for a restructuring in different countries.