Patents and Know-how

Companies, especially in manufacturing, set great store in innovation in technology. This makes it all the more important for companies to secure comprehensive rights to technological innovations at an early stage for the long term. know-how can be protected using contracts if protection by patent and utility models is not possible or desirable for legal or strategic reasons. We support our clients in developing the most effective procedure, in registering technological intellectual property rights (in collaboration with patent lawyers) or in drawing up and negotiating confidentiality agreements or employment contracts. We clarify the rights and negotiate licensing agreements on behalf of the users. In the event of a dispute, we represent the participants both before the courts and out of court.

Our areas of specialization:

Strategic advice on the protection of innovations

Initial advice on patentability of technological innovations; we work together with patent attorneys for further examination and applications to the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office), EPO or under the PCT.

Employee inventions: Advising employees and employers, particularly on issues of utilization, clearance and remuneration

Research and development contracts

Non-disclosure agreements

License agreements, in particular contracts on the production and distribution of patent-protected products, technology transfer agreements

Representing clients in litigation and out-of-court disputes about the infringement of patents/utility models

Protection and defense of trade secrets