Capital Markets

Capital markets finance has a high priority in the transaction business. Stocks, bonds, profit participation certificates oand mutual fund shares, as means of obtaining financing, are subject to strict rules on both the German and international capital markets.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in capital market law, including stock corporation law, the German Securities Trading Act, the German Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act, the German Securities Prospectus Act and the German Investment Act. In cross-border transactions, we work hand in hand with capital markets experts in our international offices or with our partner law firms located in other countries.
We provide advice to German and international banks and issuers on all types of corporate finance. As an official listing partner of Deutsche Börse AG and as an expert on China, we maintain close contacts with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the German Financial Supervisory Authority.

Our areas of specialization:

Advising issuers on securities issuance and placement

Advice on the admission of securities to trading on a market

Advice on the termination or transfer of a stock-market listing to another market segment

Advice on the acquisition or package acquisition of a listed company

Advice on disclosure requirements and other requirements arising from the listing

Corporate governance and compliance by listed companies

Correspondence with the German Financial Supervisory Authority and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange