GvW Legal Operations & Tech

Digital solutions complement our legal advice. Automated processes and software relieve us of routine procedures - and thus ensure that we can efficiently take care of our core legal work.

Our team also develops its own legal tech products. Our digital product portfolio, which we are continuously expanding, includes tools for free initial legal assessments as well as intelligent templates for legal documents. We would be happy to produce such solutions for your company as well.


ESG-Check: Supply chain

Implement the new requirements of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains at an early stage. Our supply chain risk calculator helps you identify and assess the risks of human rights violations along your supply chains.

Covid-19-related rent or lease reduction in the hotel industry

Who bears the risk of defaulting rent or lease payments in the Covid-19 pandemic? The legislator has recently clarified that the regulations of the cessation of the basis of the contract according to § 313 BGB (German Civil Code) are generally applicable. It is presumed that Covid-19-related closure regulations in the hotel industry have led to a serious change in the contractual basis between the contracting parties.