Israel Desk

Driven by its hightech industry, Israel's economy has experienced considerable and continual growth over recent years. The sectors of IT (hardware, especially semi-conductors, and software), telecommunications, internet, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, environmental technology and security have especially influenced Israel’s high-tech industry. Israeli companies cooperate with German businesses in many of these areas. Israel is also a key business market for German manufacturers, particularly in the chemistry, machinery and automotive sectors. From an Israeli perspective, Germany is a valued place to do business, be it as a starting point to enter the European markets or for investment purposes.

Our Israel Desk lawyers, some of whom have lived and worked in Israel, are well acquainted with German-Israeli business. In particular, with their specializations in IP, distribution law, M&A, venture capital, private equity, renewable energies and real estate, the Israeli Desk covers the most important aspects of German-Israeli economic and legal business.

We advise our German clients on their way to Israel, i.e. from initiating the first business contacts to concluding agreements and assisting with the conduct of business relationships. We work together with law firms in Israel on questions of Israeli law.

We advise Israeli companies and investors on their business endeavors in Germany, from incorporating or taking over a company (including advice on tax structuring) to commencing and implementing an operative business.

Our key areas:

Advising Israeli investors in Germany, particularly on setting up companies, investing in businesses, takeovers, joint ventures and real estate transactions

Advising on corporate, distribution and employment law

Tax structuring

Negotiating with banks, financial service providers, M&A advisors, investors, estate agents and other service providers

Advising companies on their investments in Israel

Drafting and negotiating agreements (particularly cooperation agreements, R&D agreements, IP purchasing and licensing, private label agreements, contract manufacturing, hight-tech,(cleantech, life sciences, IT, new media, renewable energy)

Providing advice on infrastructure and energy projects

International arbitration