U.S. Desk

Germany and the United States of America are known for their traditionally close economic ties: The United States is Germany’s most important trading partner outside the EU, and Germany is the United States’ biggest trading partner in Europe. We advise numerous U.S. companies doing business in Germany. We primarily help these companies manage their investments, assist them with M&A activities and provide ongoing advice in all pertinent fields of law. We also help German companies conduct their business activities in the United States, including the sale of companies or parts of companies. Thanks to the international network we have established through scg Legal and the personal contacts of the members of the U.S. Desk, we can recommend highly skilled American lawyers in all U.S. states and major cities when the need arises. Due to their long-standing client relationships and regular trips abroad, the members of the U.S. Desk are well versed in the U.S. legal system and American culture. Moreover, many of our lawyers worked for major U.S. law firms before joining GvW Graf von Westphalen.