We advise all types and sizes of German and international companies in matters involving German and European antitrust and competition law.

Our legal advice covers all areas of antitrust, from merger control and bans on restrictive practices to the competitive conduct of companies with strong or dominant positions in the market and includes competition proceedings as well as the asserting and defending against claims asserted under civil law. Ongoing advisory support regarding compliance with regulations set by competition law and the employee training are additional aspects of our services.

Our areas of specialization:

Merger control proceedings before the German Cartel Office and the European Commission (preparation of merger notifications, conduct of proceedings all the way to approval)

Review of global registration requirements for multi-jurisdictional mergers and coordination of merger control proceedings in individual countries

Structuring of contracts and distribution systems in accordance with the requirements of antitrust law

Representation of clients in proceedings involving antitrust authorities

Support in civil trials involving antitrust matters (private enforcement)

Seminars on antitrust and competition law (antitrust compliance)