Austria Desk

Geographical proximity is not the only reason why Germany has deep and close economic ties with Austria. The many language and cultural similarities the two countries share and their similar political views are also important contributing factors to the commercial exchange between them.

However, businesses operating in both countries need to navigate their two legal systems. Although German and Austrian commercial law have similar characteristics, there are also many differences between them. Working closely with our partner firms in Austria, we are able to provide comprehensive legal advice on cross-border matters and assist clients with their business activities in Germany and Austria. We are familiar with the differences and details of both countries’ legal systems, which puts us in a position to help you determine whether German or Austrian law applies.

Our clients include many Austrian companies who operate and invest in Germany. Likewise, we help German businesses with their projects in Austria, for which we can draw on a network of local law firms we collaborate with.

Core areas of our work

Providing ongoing legal advice related to daily business operations

Advising on the establishment of new subsidiaries and on acquisitions

Advising businesses on their market entry

Tax law advice (in particular in relation to methods for reducing or preventing double taxation)

Employment law advice (including in relation to cross-border employee secondments)

Advice on the structure of international contracts

Litigation and international arbitration

Real estate law advice

Advice on infrastructure and energy projects


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