On June 21, 1948, the Hamburg office laid the foundation stone for the law firm GvW Graf von Westphalen. To mark our 75th anniversary, our videos take you back to the beginnings of today's law firm and describe the development of GvW into one of the largest independent commercial law firms in Germany.

  • 1948

    On June 21, the day he is admitted to the bar, Fritz Modest founds the law firm that is considered the origin of the firm today

  • 1992

    The Cologne office founded by Friedrich Graf von Westphalen in 1973 and the Hamburg office founded by Fritz Modest merge to form the law firm Graf von Westphalen & Modest

  • 1998

    The firm adds offices in Berlin and Munich

  • 2002

    Merger with the Freiburg law firm Bappert, Wirtz & Selbherr to form the law firm Graf von Westphalen, Bappert & Modest

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  • 2003

    The firm opens an office in Brussels

  • 2006

    The firm opens an office in Frankfurt

  • 2009

    Christof Kleinmann and Dr. Robert Theissen are elected Managing Partners of the law firm

  • 2009

    The firm opens an office in Shanghai

  • 2010

    The Cologne and Freiburg offices of the firm, then trading as Graf von Westphalen, split off as the independent law firm Friedrich Graf von Westphalen

  • 2011

    The firm opens an office in Istanbul

  • 2012

    The firm opens an office in Düsseldorf

  • 2018

    Change of name of the firm to GvW Graf von Westphalen

  • 2020

    Stuttgart is the firm's sixth location in Germany

  • 2023

    The firm is committed to sustainable management in its articles of association

“GvW is now a fully integrated law firm. This is something we are particularly proud of”