French Desk

Cross-border German-French business relations require profound knowledge of the legal and cultural environment in Germany as well as in France.

In order to be able to provide integrated advice on German-French business relations, we have established a French Desk which consists of experienced bilingual (German/French) lawyers who are familiar with the German as well as the French (legal) culture.

The French Desk lawyers regularly cooperate in multidisciplinary teams across locations and are very familiar with the German and French legal and cultural environment.

The French Desk works on German-French projects under the responsibility of one sole contact partner who is in charge of the entire communication with the client. This leads to more efficient communication and project management for the client.

Our key focus areas

Corporate Law / M&A

Tax Law

Commercial Law

Banking Law / Capital Markets Law

Real Estate Law (including private and public Construction Law)

Labor Law (individual and collective Labor Law)

Litigation / Arbitration

Antitrust Law

Distribution Law

IP / IT / Media

Insolvency Law and Reorganization

Customs and Foreign Trade Law