Construction Law

Advice on construction law in all phases of a construction project

We advise building owners, property developers, construction companies, architects and specialist planners in all phases of a construction project. Our expertise ranges from the strategic approach to a construction project and the drafting of contracts to advice during the construction phase and support during claim management and the follow-up of defects under warranty.

We focus on minimizing the potential for conflict among the parties involved in the construction project - by transparent contract solutions tailored to the respective project and constructive and solution-oriented communication among all parties involved in the project. The goal is always a pragmatic solution in the interest of the client and, if possible, a trouble-free continuation of the construction project so that the investments of the project participants pay off in the end.

The way to court should therefore be avoided if at all possible. Out-of-court dispute resolution methods (for example, mediation, arbitration, adjudication) are more likely to resolve conflicts and are implemented by us contractually and successfully. Should it be necessary, however, we also argue for our clients creatively and with commitment within the framework of procedural disputes.

In addition to contractual risk management, claim management is one of the decisive factors for a successful construction project during the course of the project. This applies in particular to the prosecution or defence of claims for additional remuneration and extension of construction periods. We support our clients already in the construction phase with the correct documentation of the project in order to enforce justified or to defend against unjustified claims.

We also have comprehensive and rare expertise in all special areas of the construction industry, such as compliance in construction, avoidance and defence of social security contributions and liability, criminal prosecution, fines, corporate fines, and award bans. We develop and implement tailor-made and effective systems, support you with training, checklists, organisational charts and audits in the prevention, detection and prosecution of compliance violations in the company and with your contractors.

Our main activities:

Construction Contract Law

Law on architects

Law on developers

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Legal advice during construction

Risk and claim management

Construction conflict anagement

Mediation, Arbitration, Adjudication


Development projects

Construction of plants

Criminal Law in construction

Social Insurance Law in construction

Employment Law in construction

Construction Insolvency Law

Public Construction Law

Environmental Law and Planning Law


We advise clients and contractors (just not in the same project)

At GvW, construction law in particular is characterised by its broad roots in the entire construction and real estate industry. For years, major real estate owners and institutional construction project developers have placed their trust in our service and our broad and long-standing experience, as have major construction and engineering companies, the public sector for major infrastructure projects, investors from Germany and abroad and institutions outside the industry.