Insolvency Law

Crises are part of economic life. It takes far-sighted advisory support and clear concepts to identify the opportunities and the new possibilities created by such events. GvW Graf von Westphalen advises companies and executives in turnaround and restructuring situations. We represent banks and other corporate creditors when their clients encounter serious problems, and we offer comprehensive insolvency and corporate advice to bankruptcy trustees.

As part of GvW, our insolvency practice group organized as GvW Insolvenzverwaltung und Sanierung Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft provides comprehensive bankruptcy administration services. Working with a team of about 35 employees, five bankruptcy trustees and custodians carry out private and company bankruptcy proceedings. We are Germany’s leading firm in the area of bankruptcy proceedings involving the assets of natural persons.

The primary objective of our work is to ensure the continuation of ongoing business operations and maintain the basis for a successful turnaround.

Well-trained bankruptcy specialists and continuous process optimization ensure that each case is handled in a highly efficient manner. As a result of optimal estate valuation, payments are regularly distributed to creditors even in the smallest cases.

Together with our international partners, we have gained experience in cross-border (secondary) bankruptcy processes. Actions zo set aside transactions and equity-substitution lawsuits are carried out by our process attorneys.

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Our areas of specialization:

Negotiating with lenders, creditors and shareholders

Advising managing directors involved in a company crisis with the aim of avoiding liability

Representing lending institutions and other creditors before (interim) bankruptcy trustees

enforcement of receivables and security interests that survives banruptcy

Defence against setting aside actions in bankruptcy 

Preparation of bankruptcy plans and turnarounds by transferring assets to a new entity

Defence against liability claims