IT and Data Protection

Implementation of digitalization

IT and data protection, as the pillars of digitalization, have recently become among the most important fields for legal departments when providing advice. 

Market participants must secure advantages in the market for themselves early by means of intelligent contracts, in order to support the transfer of know-how throughout the entire business and effectively secure new products and processes.

Many modern business models today and especially tomorrow’s business models are based on the analysis and use of personal data. Existing and available data as well as access to the data must first be evaluated. A key, decisive factor for the success of your business model is then successfully securing your rights to use and exploit data.

We consider ourselves to be the "extended workbench” of companies with regard to matters involving IT and data protection, especially for legal and IT departments as well as management. We not only provide legal advice, we use our knowledge of the law and technology to support communication and progress during all phases of an IT project.

Our main focus

Digitalization (IoT, Industry 4.0, GDPR and IT sector projects)
- Standardization and compliance in the digital world
- IT projects (e.g. outsourcing, production of software, post-merger integration, planning and setting up computer centers, pilot projects and rollouts)

Cloud computing and SaaS (operator concepts, Cloud contracts, SaaS contracts, SLAs, agreements on data protection and data security)

IT contracts (production and licensing of software, systems contracts, maintenance, care and support, SLA, also open source software)

IT compliance, data protection and IT security (agreements on contract data processing in Germany and foreign countries, privacy shield)

IT in the public sector, awarding IT contracts, EVB-IT, E-Government

E-Business and internet law (e.g. long distance sales, responsibility for content)

Trademarks, designations and naming rights in the internet (domains, keywords)

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

Sensing the pulse of the times

Our attorneys know the needs of companies not just from many years of consulting activity in and on behalf of companies. Our attorneys are also in demand as counsel, authors and experts in the IT industry. In addition to numerous publications on IT and data protection law for BITKOM e.V. (including security for transfer of data to the USA and other third party countries), the law firm has also recently drafted the guideline for data protection in Industry 4.0 for the VDMA, the leading industrial association in Europe.